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UHD Construction FAQs

What level of shuttle bus service will be provided for the remainder of the summer and then into the fall semester?

Current shuttle services will end on Thursday evening, Aug. 8, which is the end of Summer III.

From Aug. 9 to Aug. 23, limited van service will be provided between to the Daly Street Lot and the One Main Building (under North Deck, by the Police Dept). This service will be provided during the periods of peak staff demand, from 7 - 9 a.m. and from 4 - 6 p.m.. Those needing a ride to or from the Daly Street Lot between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. should contact Parking and Transportation Services at x8127 to make arrangements. After 6 p.m. an escort can be arranged through the UHD Police Department, x8065.

On Aug. 26, the first day of fall classes, regular shuttle bus service will resume. For the benefit of those parking in Replacement Lots A & B, a shuttle bus stop has been added on the west side of Main St. at the corner of Main and Naylor. During the fall and spring semesters an extra bus will be run during the early part of the day to add capacity and shorten wait times.

Shuttle buses will not be running through the replacement lots. These heavier vehicles cannot be adequately supported by the crushed rock surface and would also require wider lanes in those lots, which would reduce the number of parking spaces available.

Where can I find Disabled Parking?

Seventeen parking spaces for the disabled have already been relocated to the Visitor's level (ground level) of the Academic Building Garage. The parking kiosk attendants are using dashboard parking passes to manage the spaces that have been designated for the disabled.

If the Disabled Parking in the Academic Building Garage is full, where else can a disabled person go to park?

There will continue to be disabled parking spaces located in the middle of the Daly Street Lot, adjacent to the second gazebo.

How has the garage project affected Visitor parking?

As a result of the necessary relocation of disabled parking to the Visitor's level of the Academic Building Garage, the number of Visitor's parking spaces has been reduced to 20. This will be the case throughout the project, which will run through Summer 2014. During this period, it will be important to make parking arrangements early in the planning process for ca.m.pus events and activities. If meeting with external parties, consider meeting at their location when possible.

Is there designated parking for motorcycles?

Yes, there are 11 motorcycle parking spaces in the Academic Building Garage located in the southwest corner of the visitor's parking level.

Why won't my prox card work on the gates that separate the Naylor Garage from the Vine Garage?

The gates arms between the Naylor and Vine garages are there to allow the disabled who must enter through Vine (due to vehicle clearance limitations at Naylor) to access the disabled spaces, which are located in the Naylor section. The only cards programmed for the use of these gates are those issued with disabled student permits.

If a vehicle enters a specific garage it must also exit that garage, as the system is programmed for one entry/one exit transactions to protect against theft and ensure safety.

REMEMBER: On Aug. 26 the Vine Street Garage will revert to student-only and will no longer be an option for faculty and staff.

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