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UHD TV Links


Contact information

Albert Holden

(713) 221-8213



UHD supports the Real Audio/Video (.ra and .rm) format for streaming audio and video over the Internet. We use RealMedia’s Helix server product with a cache system to stream audio and video. RealNetworks server software is used to stream multimedia presentations to a RealPlayer.

Player Standards

An updated player from RealMedia is required to view UHD Television streaming material. One can obtain Real Player from RealMedia at their website, which is located at If you have Real Player on your computer go to the update section and download the latest version. RealMedia players are available on most operating systems. The current Real Player will work on Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Unix operating systems. Visit for more information.

Encoding Standards

UHD ITV/Multimedia typically produces Web video in two RealMedia standards: one for dial up and one for broadband. We use the Variable Bitrate encoding method, to ensure higher rates of playback. We also use SureStream, a technology that lets a single video clip stream at different bit rates. It does this by bundling a single clip into multiple streams, each of which runs at a different bit rate. In-house Web videos for UHD may be encoded at higher transfer rates.

If your video file is in a different format than a realmedia file. (ie): AVI, Mov, MPEG, WMF or other. UHD ITV/Multimedia Media Services provides broadcast quality video services that can encode or transcode your file into a RealMedia file. Pre-recorded material on VHS or DVD provided by faculty and staff can also be encoded for distribution on the Web.

Support Standards

If you have met all the above standards and are still not able to view the scheduled streaming program, contact user support services at x3000 for on-campus users. For off-campus users, contact your Internet service provider for additional help.




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