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Academic Affairs Council



Responsible for advising the president on all university policies which directly affect the academic environment.


The voting membership consists of the president and vice president of the Faculty Senate, the academic deans, and one department chair and two faculty members elected from each degree-granting college. The provost/vice president for academic affairs serves as the council's chair and votes only to break a tie.

Non-voting members include the chairs of the university standing policy committees, two student representatives chosen through Student Government Association procedures, a staff representative chosen through Staff Council procedures, the vice president for administration or his designee, and the chief student affairs officer or his designee.


PS 01.A.03


Meeting Minutes

2014 2013

11/20/2014 Meeting

10/16/2014 Meeting

09/19/2014 Meeting

03/27/2014 Meeting

02/27/2014 Meeting

01/31/2014 Meeting


12/17/2013 Meeting

12/12/2013 Meeting

11/21/2013 Meeting

10/17/2013 Meeting

09/12/2013 Meeting

05/01/2013 Meeting

04/04/2013 Meeting

03/21/2013 Meeting

02/21/2013 Meeting



Name Role Representation Voting Term Ends
DoVeanna Fulton Member Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences


Susan Henney Member President, Faculty Senate yes ex-officio
Tomikia LeGrande Member Dean of Enrollment no ex-officio
Sara Jahansouz Member Student Affairs Officer no ex-officio
Mike Fields Member Dean, Business yes ex-officio
Faiza Khoja Member Academic Affairs yes ex-officio
TBD Member Student yes Summer/Fall 2015
Chris Birchak Member Dean, University College yes ex-officio
David Bradley Member Vice President, Administration no ex-officio
Lucille Pointer Member Department Chair, College of Business yes ex-officio
Ed Hugetz Chair Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs To break tie ex-officio
Shannon Fowler Member Faculty Member, Public Service yes Summer/Fall 2015
Stephanie Babb Member Faculty Member, Humanities & Social Sciences yes Summer/Fall 2015
Gail Evans Member Faculty Member, Humanities & Social Sciences yes Summer/Fall 2015
TBD Member Student no Summer/Fall 2015
Robin Jose Member Faculty Member, Sciences & Technology yes Summer/Fall 2016
TBD Member Staff Council President no ex-officio
Ryan Pepper Member Faculty Senate President-Elect yes ex-officio
Utpal Bose Member Faculty Member, Business yes Summer/Fall 2015
Leigh Van Horn Member Dean, Public Service yes ex-officio
Akif Uzman Member Dean, Sciences and Technology yes ex-officio
TBD Member Chair, Academic Policy Committee no ex-officio
Ed Cueva Member Department Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences yes Summer/Fall 2015
Ken Oberhoff Member Department Chair, Sciences and Technology yes Summer/Fall 2015
TBD Member Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee no ex-officio
Ron Beebe Member Department Chair, Public Service yes Summer/Fall 2015
Lucille Pointer Member Chair, Curriculum Committee no Summer/Fall 2015
Travis Crone Member Faculty Member, Humanities and Social Sciences yes Summer/Fall 2016
Janice Ahmad Member Faculty Member, Public Service yes Summer/Fall 2016
Rebecca Quander Member Faculty Member, Sciences and Technology yes Summer/Fall 2015



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