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UHD Policies

The UHD Policies listed below represent policies in which the UHD Police Department deal with on a more frequent basis and are listed here for your easy convenience. All UHD Policies are available for review by visiting Employment Services Operations and accessing UHD Policy Statements.


Sexual Assault Policy

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Smoking Policy

Traffic & Parking Policy

Traffic & Parking Enforcement Policy

Safety Process Policy

Crime Awareness & Campus Security Policy

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

The University of Houston-Downtown strictly adheres to all city, state and federal laws governing the distribution and consumption of alcohol. The university is committed to the national initiative of preventing the abuse of alcohol. The legal drinking age in Texas is 21. Alcoholic beverages served on the University of Houston-Downtown campus may be distributed and consumed by students of legal age only in areas designated by the chief student affairs officer. The use or possession of alcohol on any part of the university campus, other than a formally approved or designated area, is a violation of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy Statement 04A01 in the new UHD PS Handbook. Any requests regarding student use of alcoholic beverages at UH-Downtown must be directed to the chief student affairs officer.

Firearms Policy

It is a federal and state offense to possess or use any firearm, ammunition or illegal weapon on university property except as a duly authorized law enforcement officer or for legitimate classroom instruction.


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