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The following page is a blank template with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search UHD function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains all required links, contact and emergency information.

Who's Who @ UHDPD


On-Campus EMERGENCY 713-221-8911 

On-Campus Non-Emergency 713-221-8065 


Mailing Address:
One Main Street, Suite 118-North
Houston, Texas 77002

Administration Fax 713-223-7459
Booking 713-221-8455
Dispatch 713-221-8065
Dispatch Fax 713-223-7482
Investigations 713-221-8243
Lost & Found 713-221-8065
Parking & Transportation Services 713-221-8127
Records 713-226-5593
Squad Room 713-221-8065 ext. 3328

Who's Who @ UHDPD?

Arcos, Marco Police Officer 713-221-8065
Ayala, Maria Police Officer 713-221-8065
Batt, Scott Electronic Security Systems Manager 713-221-8128
Boyle, Richard D. Chief of Police 713-221-8129
Carter, Gwendolyn Security Officer 713-221-8065 ext. 5398
Compte, Mike Dispatcher 713-221-8065
Correa, Joseph Dispatcher 713-221-8065
Cortez, Jaime Sergeant 713-221-8065 ext. 5342
Delacruz, Ricardo Police Officer 713221-8065 ext. 3857
Delafance, Trinity Sergeant 713-221-8446
Deleon, David Lieutenant 713-221-8243
Garcia, Christopher Security Officer 713-221-8065 ext. 7955
Garza, Eddie Supervisor,Dispatch 713-221-8065
Hipolito, Erick Dispatcher 713-221-8065
Hodge, Anthony Lieutenant 713-221-8653
Jenkins, Raymond Police Officer 713-221-8065 ext. 3851
Kalonji, Claude Electronic Security Systems Technician 713-221-8065
Lang, Misty Police Officer 713-221-8065
Lazenga, Israel Police Officer 713-221-8065
Limon, Gil Parking Enforcement 713-221-8065
Miller, Philip Police Officer 713-221-8065 ext. 3845
Mondragon, Juan Security Officer 713-221-8065 ext. 7955
Monroe, Eddie Security Officer 713-221-8065 ext. 5398
Munoz, Matthew Police Officer 713-221-8065
Naut, Lou Ann Business Administrator 713-221-8447
Nelson, Jacqueline Evidence and Records Custodian 713-226-5593
Pool, John Police Officer 713-221-8065
Reyna, Ricardo Police Officer 713-221-8065 ext. 3846
Varela, Frederick Lieutenant 713-221-8651
Yates, Dustin Police Officer 713-221-8065
Zsedely, Gyula Security Officer 713-221-8065



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