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The following page is a blank template with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search UHD function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains all required links, contact and emergency information.

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Known Issues - Blackboard 9.1 SP 11

Tool or
Functional Area
Issue Description

Article Number

Possible work around information
Future fix date

Replies Not Visible in Discussion Board

Empty DIV or P tags in a discussion board reply cause the reply body of future replies to the thread to not display.

000032601   Patches are pending.

Visual Textbox Editor


VTBE Copy and Paste Functionality not Working for MAC O.S in Firefox, Chrome and Safari

When trying to use the toolbar or right-click method, a message is presented indicating users should use those keyboard shortcuts and has the description of the commands. However, using the keyboard shortcuts does not work either.

000032637   9.1 SP15

Wiki Page Does Not Display Correctly in IE

Wiki page is not correctly displayed (button sizes are very wide and are displayed vertically).

Use another browser. 9.1 SP15
YouTube Mashups Searching for Videos in Youtube Mashup Incorrectly Provides 0 Results when Searching All of the Words
The instructor will see that there are fewer results from the YouTube mashup than expected, or none at all.

000032519   Unknown
Course List Both Available and Unavailable Courses displaying in My Courses Module for students
Studentsare now seeing both available and unavailable courses under the "My Courses' Module.

000032540   Resolved

Embedding Audio Files/Media into a Question via Test Pool Reverts the 'Type' to Flash After an Edit

When you edit questions in a question pool with embedded audio, the audio is defaulted back to flash rather than staying as the chosen embedded audio type. This is causing issues because instructors are not aware that they need to re-select embedded audio from the drop down in the edit media dialog box.

000032407   9.1 SP15
Grade Center Grading Schema's Insert New Row Will Not Insert at End of Table
Whenever a user attempts to insert a new row at the bottom of a grading schema, the row inserts in the middle of the table rather than at the end.
000032410   9.1 SP15
Content Areas

Content Cannot be Deleted when Accessing Content Link from the What's New Module

Instructors receive an Access Denied error message.

000032494   9.1 SP15
Course Copy

Assignment Recipients Setting Fails to Copy when an Assignment is Copied from a Source to Target Course

The setting is not retained and is set to the default of "all Students". The Recipients setting should be maintained during the course copy.

000032497   9.1 SP12

Organization does not display in Content Collection

Some available organizations that users are enrolled in as a leader are not displaying the "Content Collection: Organization Content" module.

000028228   9.1 SP15

When Linking Directly to a file from the VTBE Students see Markup Added to URLs

Occurs when adding Web link to group description

000026548   9.1 SP15
Course Copy

The "Last Access" date in the Grade Center does not agree with the "Last Login Date" that appears in the Student

The Last Login Date in the Student Overview for Single Course course report will show the date of the last time a content item was accessed.

000028365   9.1 SP14
Course Copy

Course Copy does not copy Images in Question Pools

Images attached to questions in a questions pool are not transferred to the new course after a course copy. The questions in the new course contain links to the images in the original course, so if the original course is deleted, the links are broken. There are no errors in the course copy log reporting this.

000028615   Unknown
My Grades

Error When Students Access Assignments in My Grades After a Graded Attempt Is Cleared

A cleared assignment is still appearing to students in My Grades as a clickable link that displays an error.

000028367   9.1 SP14
My Grades Students can View Group Assignment Grade when Column is Hidden in Grade Center
The grade and comment can be seen by the student via the group assignment link.
000019297   9.1 SP15
Groups Group Journal is Unavailable for Student Role
When a group is created with a journal, the journal cannot be opened by users with the student role if the option "Allow Members to view posts" is deselected.
000028929   9.1 SP15

Discussion Search does not Show All Results

Unavailable forums are not displayed when searching a course for all forums in the course. Searching in individual forums does return complete results for that forum, but instructors should be able to search for users postings course-wide regardless of whether the forum is available or not.

000032319   9.1 SP15
Course Copy

Deployed Test is Inaccessible Following Course Copy into Existing Course

When doing a course copy of tests to an existing course, deployed tests are copied to Tests, Surveys, and Pools and Grade Center however these tests give an expectation error when trying to edit them.

000032044   To be updated in a future building block.

Discussion Forums with due dates display calendar events to users without access to the forum based on adaptive release rules
Students can bypass adaptive release rules for graded group discussions by accessing the forum through the Calendar link.

000028856   9.1 SP15
Grade Center Users Avatar and ID are Visible in Anonymous Blog Posts
The avatar of the user that submits an anonymous post is visible, hovering over the avatar allows visibility of the users profile.
000028584   9.1 SP15
Graded Content
HTML Editing Breaks Formatting and Images

An HTML file added to a Content Item will lose formatting if the item is edited and the HTML icon used.
000027883   9.1 SP15


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