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The following page is a blank template with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search UHD function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains all required links, contact and emergency information.

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Known Issues

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Functional Area
Issue Description
Known Issue ticket number(s)
Possible work around information
Future fix date
File Download Login authentification before opening downloaded Microsoft Office files on computers using Windows 7

When attempting to download a Microsoft Office file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) on a Windows 7 computer a information box appears asking for the user to login to view the file.

  The information box often does not appear until the user minimizes other windows. The user DOES NOT need to login to view the file. Clicking cancel should allow the file to open. Planned for 9.1 SP8

Adapative Release


Adaptive Release Rule Name Not Retained in Restored Course

When a course is restored, the particular rule name for an Adaptive Release rule is lost and reset to a default name.

AS-159719, LRN-28627   Planned for 9.1 SP8
Announcements Announcements from Creating Assessments Do Not Create Below the Bar
When creating an Assessment in a Content Area, if the user elects to create an Announcement for the test, the Announcement is created at the top of the Announcements page. This new Announcement pushes one Announcement from above the bar to below the bar. New Assessment Announcements should be rendered below the re-positionable bar.
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Assessments Assessment Timer Box Hides Save and Submission Buttons in Internet Explorer 8 with Compatibility Mode On

Assessment timer box covers Save and Submission buttons in Internet Explorer 8 when Compatibility Mode is turned On. If Compatibility Mode is Off, the display is as expected.

LRN-41719   Planned for 9.1 SP10
Assessments Test Launches in a New Window or Tab When It Is Not Configured To Do So

Using a Learning Module, a Test will open in a new window or tab even though the setting Open Test in New Window is configured to No.

  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Assessments IE Browser Back Button Causes Error When Backtracking Prohibited in Assessments

When taking an assessment in which backtracking to previously answered questions has been prohibited, using the browser's back button will produce an error rather than simply stopping the navigation.

As long as force submission IS NOT set, students using the IE browser can simply leave the test, come back to it, and resume. Planned for 9.1 SP8
Assessments Forced Submit Tests have "In Progress" status when student exits exam prior to timer expiration

When a student takes a timed test that forces a submission, the test will be labeled as "In Progress" if the student exits the exam without submitting it and the timer expires.
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Assessments If a user tries to toggle the VTBE 'On', 'Off' and finally 'On' in an assessment(test) with an essay and/or short answer a java script error occurs. Also the user is no longer able to toggle the VTBE. This only occurs in Internet Explorer 8. LRN-31117,
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Assessments If a Mac User turns the clock back on the computer while taking a timed Test, the Test counter is frozen and the Test does not auto-submit. The Student can complete the Test and submit the results at any time.
LRN-41660   Unknown
Chat Copy and Paste Function in Chat and Virtual Classroom Not Available
Since Java version 1.6.0_24, the Copy and Paste-Function does not work. It appears that the ability to copy and paste from a computer's clipboard into a Java environment has been deemed a security threat, and was therefore disabled by Sun developers.
AS-158812, AS-159011
  Planned for 9.1 SP9
Content Delivery URLs With Spaces Produce Error and Will Not Open in Same Window
Creating a URL content item with a URL that contains spaces in any part of it will not open in the same window.
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Course Copy Course copies by instructors from the Course Control Panel do not copy content, leaving files linked to the source course. LRN-33391,
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Course Copy Course Copy fails when trying to copy a course that has a cartridge in it.
When an instructor or an system administrator attempts to run a course copy, selects everything from the list except for the course cartridge (so no course cartridge content gets carried over), then runs it, the logs of the course copy will have an error and it will stop mid way. The course copy does not actually copy anything.
LRN-41336   Planned for 9.1 SP9
Course Mgmt. Assignment File Download Contains Multiple Files for Each User When Multiple Attempts Are Allowed
Assignment File Download contains multiple files for each user instead of the last file submission when Allow Multiple Attempts is set for assignments.
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Course Mgmt. Audio .MOV Files Not Treated as Audio Files

When trying to upload a .MOV file that only contains audio into a content page, a pop-up indicates that the .MOV file is not a valid audio file even thought it is listed under 'Help' as a valid audio extension.

  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Course Tools The Number of Points in a Rubric Does Not Update Correctly

When an instructor changes the total points of an assignment while grading it, the change it not reflected on the rubric.
  Planned for 9.1 SP10
Discussions Files in Discussion Board Threads Download With "name of link to file" Text As Filename LRN-31656,
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Grade Center Cells in Last Row of Grade Center Are Inaccessible in Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

LRN-40012 Use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari Planned for 9.1 SP8
Grade Center 'Ungraded' posts in the discussion board Grade forum area displays "0.00".

Discussion board grade forum area shows ungraded posts as "0.00 instead of a dash '-' or something that shows that it has not yet been graded. Like the 'Needs Grading' icon '!'
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Grade Center Last Attempt Score Not Included in Total Score if Assignment Had an Ungraded Attempt
The Last Attempt score is not included the the Total Score calculation if the Assignment had an ungraded attempt and if Score attempts using is set to Grade of Last Attempt in the Assignment column and Calculate as Running Total is Yes in the Total column.
Delete the previous attempts that were not graded. Planned for 9.1 SP8
Graded Content Clearing All Attempts for a Group Assignment Does Not Allow the Group to Resubmit the Assignment

When an instructor clears all attempts for a group assignment, members of the group are not able to resubmit the assignment.
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Learning Modules PDF files display is very small when viewing in Learning Modules LRN-40254   Unknown
Learning Modules PDF files do not display correctly within Learning Modules LRN-35627
Learning Modules Learning Module Content (File) does not open in a new window when configured to open in a new window. LRN-34586
  Planned for 9.1 SP9
Messages Attaching a file with spaces in the name to a Message will result in the ! symbol being substituted for the spaces. LRN-34059
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Virtual Classroom Users on computers running Mac OS X are not able to access the Virtual Classroom. LRN-30986
  Planned for 9.1 SP8
Wiki Uploading a File to a Wiki With a Duplicate File Name Results in a Changed URL and Broken Links

When uploading a file to a wiki with a duplicate file, name the URL gets changed and results in broken links. Instructors that teach computer programming courses have a need to attach the same file name multiple times in a wiki.

  Planned for 9.1 SP9
WebDAV Users are not presented with WebDAV instructions when using browsers other than Internet Explorer. LRN-5565


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