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Uploading Documents to Your Course


We recommend that documents uploaded into Blackboard courses be converted into Adobe PDF files.

  • Adobe PDF files can be opened and read by any computer or browser.
  • Students may be unable to open and download documents formatted in Microsoft applications.

Click here for instructions on how to convert Microsoft documents into PDF files before uploading to your courses

Below are the steps necessary to upload a document, such as your syllabus, to your Blackboard Learn course.

Uploading Documents to Your Course

1.You should be logged into Blackboard Learn. If you need login instructions please visit Step 1.

2. Enter the course to which you are adding a document by clicking on its CRN.


3. On the left-hand menu, click into the Course Content area where you wish to place the document. In this example we will use a content area called Syllabus.

Content Area Selection

4. From the top of the Content Window, click the Build Content button and select File.

Content Select File

5. In the Create File window, under section one (Select File), click on Browse My Computer to open the file upload dialog box.

6. Select the file you wish to upload and click Open.

Upload File

7. Add a Name and the settings in the File Options and Standard Options areas, then click Submit.

File Upload Settings



8. Your document is now loaded onto your Content page.

File upload Success


Continue the Journey:

Step 4 - Communicate Using the Mail Tool (external email)

Step 4 - Communicate Using the Messages Tool (internal course email)




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