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Communicate Using the Messages Tool

Sending and Reading Messages

The Message Tool allows you to send messages to other members of your course. You can address mail to individuals, to the entire class, or to groups of students. Although similar to email, users must be logged into Blackboard to read and send Messages.

NOTE: Messages created within Blackboard Learn are internal to Blackboard only. There is currently no indicator for new messages outside of the messages inbox, so please remember to check Blackboard Learn Messages for each of your classes regularly. For a video version of the information contained here, please visit the Blackboard OnDemand Learning Center Tutorial - Sending Blackboard Messages.

Sending a Message

1. You should be logged into Blackboard Learn. If you need login instructions please visit Step 1.

2. From the Course Tools Menu, click Messages.

Course Tools Menu

3. Click the Create Message from within the Messages window.

Create Mail Message

4. Select the Recipients using the To, Cc, and Bcc buttons.

Browse for Recipients

5. A list of enrolled course members will be displayed.

Browse for Recipients


6. Select your intended recipient(s) from the Items to Select section and use the right arrow key to move them to the Selected Items section. If you would like to change the recipient(s), you may Select All, and then Invert Selection.

Browse for Recipients


7. Type in a Subject. In the Body area, type your message.

Browse for Recipients


8. If you need to upload an attachment, click on the Choose File button.

Browse for Recipients


9. Select the file you wish to attach and then click Open

Browse for Recipients


10. Click Submit to send your Message.

Browse for Recipients


Reading Messages

The Messages Area has two Folders, Inbox and Sent.

  1. To read Messages, click on the word Inbox or Sent.
  2. Locate the desired Message.
  3. Click on the Subject of the message to view the message.

Browse for Recipients



You have completed the journey!

Congratulations! You have completed your journey to navigating a virtual classroom.

Please visit the Blackboard Training page for any additional questions.


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