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Deadline for 2013 -

2014 submissions is

February 10.

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Meet The Bayou Review Staff


Each academic year The Bayou Review recruits students interested in creative writing and the visual arts as editors. The staff includes a general editor and three genre editors (poetry, prose, and visual media). The magazine also welcomes the participaton of students wishing to gain knowledge of literary magazine production while earning internship credit.


The 2013-2014 Bayou Review general editor is Victor Ancheta. The genre editor for fiction and creative nonfiction is Annabella Gutierrez. The genre editor for poetry and works in translation is Karen Marquez. All editors will be reviewing visual media submissions. Interns with the magazine this spring are: Daniel Cervantes, Diana Orozco, Ronda Clark, and Sharonda Gradney. Dr. Robin Davidson serves as the magazine's faculty advisor.


If you are interested in serving as an intern with the magazine, or you would like to apply to serve as a genre editor or the magazine's general editor in a future semester, please contact Dr. Davidson via email at or office phone at (713) 221-2716.






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