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BAAS in Applied Administration


The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Applied Administration (BAAS-AA) degree program is designed for students with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree who want to earn a four-year bachelor degree with a minimal loss of credit hours. The BAAS-AA is a free standing program at the University of Houston-Downtown assigned to the College of Business for administrative purposes only. Students in the BAAS-AA program may not take College of Business courses. Likewise, College of Business students may not take BAAS-AA courses.


The Mission of the BAAS-AA Advising Office is to provide students with information and assistance so they understand what they must do to earn a BAAS-AA degree at the University of Houston-Downtown. Advisors provide assistance to prospective and current students by completing unofficial transcript evaluations, helping with curriculum planning, and providing information about required courses.


What are the requirements for Admission to the BAAS-AA Program?

To be eligible for admission to the BAAS-AA program, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Students must hold an AAS degree that includes an integrated block of workforce development technical/occupational courses.
  2. Students who are currently enrolled at UHD must have a GPA of 2.50 or higher; transfer students must have a GPA of 2.50 or higher from the last institution attended.
  3. Students must have satisfactory completion of TSI requirements.
  4. Students must have no transcript or cashier holds.


How do I declare my BAAS-AA major?

Declaration of a BAAS-AA major is a two-step process that begins by applying to the BAAS-AA Program. Upon admission to the BAAS-AA Program, students will be notified at their UHD Gator Account with instructions to contact the BAAS-AA Advising Office to schedule either an in-person or telephone advising appointment.  Declared BAAS-AA majors must schedule this appointment to avoid an advising hold for the next registration period.

BAAS-AA majors are classified as either AA or AR. BAAS-AA majors classified as AA must be Common Core complete and meet all other program and university requirements.  Majors classified as AA will be granted self-advising privileges as long as they maintain a minimum GPA of 2.25 in their AA classes and follow all prerequisites.  BAAS-AA majors classified as AR generally are not Common Core complete but meet all other program and university requirements.  Majors classified as AR must meet with an advisor for course approvals until the Common Core is completed.

Online Application for a Major

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Student e-services
  3. Click on My Advising & Major
  4. Click on Apply for a Major
  5. Login
  6. Select Major and Submit
U-Online Button
**After submission, an Advisor will contact you if needed.

How Do I Register for Classes?

Students must be declared as BAAS-AA majors to register for AA classes. Undeclared majors must start with General Academic Advisors on the Third Floor; a referral will be sent on your behalf if necessary. In some cases, an advisor may authorize registration for AA courses for undeclared majors. Students not admitted to the BAAS-AA Program who wish to take AA courses must have an overall grade point average of 2.0 on course work completed at the UHD and meet other requirements. Students may be dropped from any class for which they lack a prerequisite or co-requisite. A course that is a co-requisite for another course may not be dropped unless the student drops both courses.

Once admitted to the BAAS-AA Program, students may be advised by any member of the BAAS-AA advising team. Advising is by e-mail, phone, and appointment. Once declared as a BAAS-AA major, students will be instructed to schedule their Initial Advising appointment. Students must schedule this appointment immediately to avoid a registration hold for the following registration cycle.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Advising is by e-mail, phone, and appointment. Please e-mail or call 713-223-7992. Advisors are always busier during registration, so plan ahead and contact them prior to pre-registration to avoid long waits.

What are the Overall Grade Requirements for my BAAS-AA?

Students are responsible for meeting the requirements for graduation of the BAAS-AA Program as well as those of the university. One requirement is that students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA on all course work taken in the BAAS-AA to receive a BAAS-AA degree. The final 30 semester credit hours of course work toward the degree must be taken at UH-Downtown. Prior to the start of the final 30 hours of course work, students who wish to take Common Core classes at a community college may apply those credits toward the BAAS-AA degree. For degree completion, at least 25 percent of the semester credit hours must be earned through instruction offered by UHD. Additionally, 18 of the last 30 hours must be in upper division course work as approved by the BAAS-AA Program. Only the Director of the BAAS-AA Program may waive any portion of these requirements and only upon written petition by a student who has demonstrated extraordinary ability.

How Do I Apply for Graduation?

To apply for graduation, an application for graduation must be filed with the Director of the BAAS-AA Program.

Applications for graduation may be printed from the college's website; they are also sent to the UHD/BAAS-AA Gator Accounts each semester. Please complete the application, then submit it to 400S or fax it to 713-221-8603.

When Do I Apply for Graduation?


  • Fall graduation - Applications will be accepted in April.
    Fall Application Pdf file

  • Spring graduation - Applications will be accepted in late September/early October, see gatormail for updates.
    Spring Application Pdf file

  • Summer graduation - Applications will be accepted in February.
    Summer Application Pdf file



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