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Office of International Education
High-Impact Practices Scholarship for Study Abroad


High-Impact Practices Scholarship for Study Abroad
Study abroad is a high-impact educational and potentially life-changing experience. Students who study abroad can expand their world views, grow in self-understanding, and acquire new job skills, among other benefits. To boost study abroad participation, competitive study abroad scholarships will be awarded to the TOP project proposals, which will encourage study abroad participation. After their programs, students will submit multimodal presentations highlighting their personal development abroad.  These projects will later be presented to UHD students in workshops to demonstrate student development in learning communities abroad.

How is Study Abroad Considered a High-Impact Practice?
Learning Communities: Learning community programs, such as study abroad, integrate material from two or more courses and incorporate learning in and out of the classroom. According to Dr. Jayne E. Brownell at Hofstra University, participation in learning communities positively affects “critical thinking, integrative thinking, openness to new perspectives and ideas, engagement with diversity, increased civic engagement, and development of ethics and values” (  While it may seem that the primary learning is taking place in the classroom, students’ new environment abroad will serve as a learning community with the opportunity to develop the aforementioned skills, interact with peers and share common educational goals abroad.

Diversity/ Global Learning:  According to the National Survey of Student Engagement, study abroad can contribute to three deep learning subscales: “integrative learning and reflective learning, and self-reported gains in general education and personal-social development” (May 2013). Study abroad is also a form of experiential learning, which “help[s] students engage across differences” (AACU 2008). Once abroad, students will be able to expand their worldviews while learning and exploring cultures (i.e. food, language, people, customs). They will observe these differences, take daily notes, and “reflect on the person they are becoming” (AACU 2008). 

Post-study abroad, students will submit multimodal presentations from their experiences overseas. These multimodal presentations will highlight their time abroad with journal entries and pictures. Through higher-order thinking, students will analyze how these experiences have changed them, highlight the benefits of their program, and encourage other students to study abroad. The top student entries will each be awarded a $500 HIP Scholarship for Study Abroad. Student classification, major and study abroad program will be taken into consideration.

UHD students will be invited to attend these presentations and engage in Q&A sessions afterwards. Students’ projects will later be displayed on the Office of International and Study Abroad Programs’ website. Creativity is encouraged!



  • Be enrolled in a credit-bearing study abroad program approved by UHD for Summer 2014/ Fall 2014/ Spring 2015
  • Must be a degree-seeking student at UHD
  • Must graduate AFTER May 2014
  • Must return to UHD for the 2014-2015 school year
  • Must meet the pre-requisites for the study abroad courses for which you are registering
  • Be in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing at UHD
  • Be currently enrolled for at least 3 semester credit hours at UHD
  • Currently have a minimum GPA: 2.50 for undergraduates/ 3.00 for graduates


SUBMIT the following to Ms. Isabel Toledo (S-204LL):

  • “High-Impact Practices Scholarship for Study Abroad Application” (page 3)
  • 200-word essay (page 3)
  • A copy of your official or unofficial transcript


NOTE: Hand-written applications will NOT be accepted. 


Applications must be submitted in person by 3PM MONDAY, APRIL 28th  in S-204LL.


High-Impact Practices Scholarship for Study Abroad Application


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