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Online Bachelor's Degree Completion Program


I have less than 60 semester hours of college credit at this time.  Can I enroll in the online degree completion program?
Yes, depending on the number of hours and type of classes needed.   Simply contact your advisor to determine the most appropriate way to complete any needed classes.  Besides the classes offered online and in person at UHD, classes may also be completed through various community colleges, also online or in person.


What courses are offered?
Numerous courses are offered online and the list keeps growing.
There are even more classes available at our campus downtown and at UHD Northwest at LSC University Park in northwest Harris County, if either are convenient for you.


How do I figure out which course to take and when?
Consult your advisor for assistance.  By doing so you may prevent inadvertently duplicating a class you already have completed at another university or college.


What is a degree plan and how do I acquire one?
The degree plan describes the courses you are required to complete to obtain your degree.  For example, with the BS in Criminal Justice you will be completing, if you haven’t already done so, a variety of courses in our General Education Core (English, Literature, Science, History, Fine Arts, Government, etc.), three General Education Requirement classes directly related to criminal justice (Ethics, Writing, Statistics), the Criminal Justice Core classes (Intro, Police, Corrections, Criminology, etc.), some Criminal Justice electives in the areas that interest you, and finally, at least  four courses in an area other than criminal justice such as psychology.


How do I declare a major in Criminal Justice or a specific minor?
Contact your advisor to declare your major and any minor you might consider pursuing.  For many a Psychology minor is a viable option with numerous online classes being offered at UHD


Do I have to declare a minor?
No, not at all.  It simply depends on your interests and the time you want to dedicate to the classes required in your minor. 


Who is my advisor and how do I contact him or her? 
The Department of Criminal Justice has an advisor who is solely responsible in assisting CJ majors by providing direct online advising. 

The Coordinator/Advisor of Online Programs is dedicated to providing assistance with services such as admissions, registration and financial aid.


Will criminal justice courses taken at another university count at UHD?
Yes, usually.  Courses completed at a regionally accredited college or university are generally eligible for transfer to UHD if you earned a C or better.   Your academic advisor will be able to assist in determining what courses are transferable and how they will fit into your degree plan. 


I have around 60 hours of credit with a variety of CJ classes already completed but I didn’t take a Correction System class in at my community college. I noticed it is a required class yet isn’t offered on-line.  What do I do?  
Though UHD does not offer the four lower-level criminal justice classes required in an online format at this time, numerous community colleges we are partnered with or have various agreements with do.  Simply enroll in and complete one of their on-line classes to fulfill the requirement.  You may also take the class at UHD or at another college campus in person, if convenient for you.  Check with your advisor for more information and approval.  


Can a course count toward more than one degree requirement? 
Yes, a course such as Survey of British Literature will fulfill the Literature requirement in your degree plan and, at the same time, it will also fulfill the World Community requirement.  A course taken to fulfill a Behavioral Science requirement such as Introduction to Psychology may also be used toward completing one of the class requirements for obtaining a minor in Psychology. Your advisor can give you further guidance if you have a specific example you are wondering about.   


How do I register for classes?
As a declared Criminal Justice major, after completing your first semester, you can register directly online.  We suggest that you continue to coordinate your selections with your advisor to prevent mistakenly selecting any unnecessary or duplicative classes. 


How do I calculate my GPA? 
Got me!  No, just kidding.  Basically, grade point averages are computed by multiplying the grade point value by the number of credit hours in each course, and then dividing the sum of all grade points obtained by the total number of hours attempted.   The following formula represents the method of computing grade point average:

Total Number of Grade Points                =   Grade Point Average
Total Number of Semester Hours 

The number of grade points earned for each course equals the hour credit value of the course multiplied by the points awarded for grades received. 


Can I repeat a course I failed for a better grade and will this help my overall GPA?
When a course is repeated at the same school the last grade received in the course will be used in computing the grade point average.  For example, if you received an “F” in General Biology at UHD and repeated the course here, earning a “B” the second time, the “B” would be used in computing your GPA.


If I go on academic probation, what do I do?
Get better grades next semester.  Academic probation is a warning to the student that his or her academic record is unsatisfactory.   Students remain on probation until their cumulative GPA reaches a satisfactory minimum which varies by the number of semester hours you have completed at UHD.  Generally, students on academic probation need to earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the next semester to prevent suspension.   Contact your advisor for further guidance if you suspect this may be a problem for you.


What happens if I am placed on suspension?
It depends.  First time suspended or been there more than once?  Talk to your advisor for your options and for some guidance to prevent it from happening again.  


What careers does the Criminal Justice program prepare me for?
Besides numerous careers related to criminal justice a bachelor’s degree (in whatever area) is the minimum requirement to be considered for many career fields. 


Can the Criminal Justice program help me become a peace officer in Texas? 
Yes, as many departments are requiring some level of college completion to be considered for employment but it doesn’t replace the required training obtained from a police academy


What is the difference between the BAAS degree and the BS degree?
The BAAS degree provides a seamless transfer from community colleges for AAS graduates.  Most AAS students are practitioners with established careers in criminal justice agencies who are seeking to advance themselves in their careers with a college degree.  The BAAS meets this need with a minimal, if any, loss of AAS credit.

The BS degree is a traditional degree program preparing transfer students who have a general college education foundation to enter or advance in professional careers associated with criminal justice.   The BS degree may also be more appropriate if you are thinking of going on to graduate school.


Can in-service training count for college credit?
Not at this time.


How long does it take to complete the program?
It depends.  If you are transferring into the program with 63 hours of appropriate college credit and taking 5 classes a semester, along with 4 classes during the summer session, it could take approximately 16 months; if you are working full time while taking 2 classes a semester, including 2 during the summer session, it would take just over three years to obtain your bachelors degree.


What is the cost?
As a public university, much less than a private college. 


Is financial aid available?
It may be.  Contact the Financial Aid office for further information.



Last updated or reviewed on 5/28/10

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