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Freshman Summer Success Program 2011

From FSSP'10

Succeeding at the university is very different from succeeding in high school. Explain something that you have learned during this program that will help you to adapt to college life. Comment on one or more aspects of the program (classroom activities, guest speakers, professors, student ambassadors / presentations, university environment, campus tours, etc.) that you found particularly helpful in preparing you for your first semester at UHD:


“The professors and classroom activities definitely helped me get into the mindset and make me want to be successful in college. I learned I will have to apply myself more and devote more of my time to studying.”


"In this program I learned that we should take advantage of the professors because in college you don’t get enough time as you do in high school. You should also learn to manage your time."


"In order to succeed at the university I will have to keep time and keep up to myself. Not to ignore assignments like I did in high school."


"Everyone is kind and will go that extra mile to help us out on anything we desire on school."

"Something that I have learned is that here at UHD there are tutors available to help with class work/homework."

"Everything on the program it was so helpful to me because I’m the first of my family to go to college."


"One thing that I have learned during this program that will help me to adapt to college is that all the faculty are here to help you and make you feel comfortable."

"Like in high school here in college someone will be able to help you on any subject or issue. The professors gave us a deep overlook of what to expect and what is expected. The university environment is pleasant."



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