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College Success Program


Incoming freshman are a part of the College Success Program at UHD.

Common Core Hangman

-The Academic Adventures of Tommy-

Inspired by Diana Lorenzana, configured by Marc Williams, and scripted by Chris Fortey.

Common Core Hangman

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How to play Common Core Hangman. To play hangman you must first be familiar with the General Common Core for the State of Texas. A player/team attempts to determine a secret word made up from the General Core for a college-educated person. For each letter guessed that is contained in the word, the letter is revealed. For each letter guessed that is not in the word, the UHD avatar is approached more and more by alligators. If all letters in the word are guessed before the gators are upon the avatar, you win the game. If not, you lose. But don't give up, try again.

The General Education Program provides those experiences which define what it means to be a college-educated person, while the discipline major attempts to provide those experiences which define what it means to be a part of that discipline. The assumption behind a general education program is that the phrase “college-educated” has its own meaning, that it signifies a type of intellectual breadth and perspective which all students should exhibit regardless of their major. Part of the general education requirements, the Core Curriculum defines what is central to the college experience and the common standards used to measure the intellectual development of all students.

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