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First-Generation Students

First-Generation Faculty Advice

 1.       Convince yourself that a good education is something you cannot do without – it starts            with you!

 2.       Solicit and obtain support of immediate family for your journey called “education”

 3.       Set clear and achievable goals, small steps are a must

 4.       Prioritize your activities to meet multiple conflicting goals (go to school and potentially            work at same time)

 5.       Identify a role model and seek advice, you are not the only  FGS

 6.       Learn how your academic institution works and what opportunities it offers

 7.       Get involved in school activities beyond your classroom

 8.       Create a support network – study groups, mentor, etc.

 9.       Be persistent – setbacks will occur but do not lose focus

10.      Be thankful – share the “fruits” of your good education with your family and others in your            community.

Vassilios Tzouanas  

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