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Assistant Professor Viola M. Garcia


First-Generation Students

Take Advantage of the Opportunities

Viola M. Garcia, Assistant Professor
College of Public Service

      Whatever your inspiration, remember that a college degree provides you many opportunities and options to earn a living, to meet interesting people, and to enrich every aspect of your life. I’ve had the good fortune to have taken advantage of great opportunities, and I urge you to stretch beyond your dreams and to do the same. Have confidence in who you are and all that you’ve done so far. Remember to honor your parents, family, and friends who are anticipating your success. You may feel that you’ll never be able repay them for what they’ve already done to help you, but you can repay them by inviting them to your University of Houston-Downtown graduation ceremony in a few short years! They will be overjoyed.
While at UHD, it is important to interact with the faculty and to get to know the other students. You should join student organizations, participate in campus activities, and enjoy this special time in you life. Maintain a curiosity for learning and pursue the many professional and service opportunities in your field. Prepare so that when the opportunity to “step up” presents itself, you’ll be ready. It is best to be prepared. Because we do not know when an opportunity will present itself, we need to be ready so that when it does arrive, we can take it, embrace it, and feel as lucky as can be about it.
Best wishes for success in the hard work ahead and in your pursuit of opportunities that a college degree provides. Good luck to you.

Viola M. Garcia


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