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Academic Advising Center
General Education Core Requirements


If you are seeking a degree from UHD you must complete the core curriculum. This collection of general education courses emphasizes the skills and knowledge important in all academic areas. You must take a minimum of 42 hours in such courses as English composition, speech, mathematics, natural science, computer science, literature, fine arts, behavioral science, and American history and government. The core curriculum requirements, and those courses that satisfy them, are published in the UHD Catalog.

UHD General Core       Texas Coordinating Board

Texas Common Core Numbering System

Course Credit and Numbering System

Progress toward the completion of academic work is measured in
terms of semester credit hours. One semester credit hour is normally
equivalent to one hour of class work, or from one to six hours of laboratory
work per week for a semester.
All courses are identified by discipline and number. The first digit of a
course number indicates the academic level. Courses in the 1000 series
are generally for freshmen, 2000 for sophomores, 3000 for juniors
and 4000 for seniors. The 5000 and 6000 series courses are graduate
courses. Undergraduates are not allowed to enroll in graduate courses
without permission of the academic department which offers the
courses. The second digit indicates the number of semester credit
hours that the course carries. The third and fourth digits specify a particular
course within its discipline.
The three numbers in parentheses after each course title indicate the
number of semester credit hours, the number of class hours per week,
and the number of additional laboratory or activity hours per week.

The Texas Common Course Numbering System

The University of Houston-Downtown is a participant in the Texas
Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS). This system ensures
that if a student takes a course bearing a common course number at
another college or university, UH-Downtown will accept the course in
transfer as equivalent to the corresponding UH-Downtown course.
Common course numbers have a four-letter prefix followed by a fourdigit
number. The four-letter prefix identifies the subject area. For example,
ENGL is the common prefix for English courses, and COSC is
the common prefix for computer science courses. The four-digit number
following the prefix identifies a specific course with the subject
Each digit in the four-digit sequence gives additional information about
the course. The first digit identifies the course as either freshman level
(1) or sophomore level (2). The second digit identifies the number of
credit hours students earn upon completing the course. The final two
digits indicate the sequence in which courses are generally taken.
Thus, French I (FREN 1311) is taken before French II (FREN 1312).
In this Catalog, for courses corresponding to those in the TCCNS, the
common course number is indicated in parentheses at the end of the
course description. The page to the left lists all UH-Downtown courses
for which a common course number exists.


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