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Department of Natural Sciences

Faculty Profile


Dr Amy Baird

Dr. Amy Baird, Assistant Professor


Office: 662-S
Phone: 713-222-5301





Educational History

Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior from the University of Texas at Austin, 2007.

B.S. in Biology from Texas Tech University, 2002.

Field of Specification

Molecular phylogenetics, systematics, phylogeography, and natural history of vertebrates .


Published Articles

A.B. Baird. 2010. Genetic identification of cryptic species: An example in Rhogeessa.   In: DeWoody, Bickham, Michler, Nichols, Rhodes, and Woeste (eds).  Molecular Insights into Natural Resource Management and Conservation.  Cambridge University Press.

A.B. Baird, G.B. Pauly, D.W. Hall and T.J. LaDuc.  2009.  Records of the porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) from the eastern margins of the Edwards Plateau of Texas. The Texas Journal of Science 61: 65-67.

A.B. Baird, D.M. Hillis, J.C. Patton, and J.W. Bickham.  2009. Speciation by monobrachial centric fusions: A test of the model using nuclear DNA sequences from the bat genus Rhogeessa. 

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 50: 256-267.

A.B. Baird, D.M. Hillis, J.C. Patton, and J.W. Bickham. 2008. Evolutionary history of the genus 'Rhogeessa' (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) as revealed by mitochondrial DNA sequences.  Journal of Mammalogy 89: 744-754.

A.B. Baird, J.K. Krejca, J.R. Reddell, C.E. Peden, M.J. Mahoney and D.M. Hillis.  2006.  Phylogeographic structure and color pattern variation among populations of Plethodon albagula on the Edwards Plateau of Central Texas.  Copeia 2006: 760-768.

A.B. Baird and R.K. Chesser.  2005.  Chernobyl.  In: Encyclopedia of Toxicology (Second Edition).  Edited by Philip Wexler.  Elsevier: Oxford.

J.K. Wickliffe, A.M. Bickham, B.E. Rodgers, R.K. Chesser, C.J. Phillips, S.P. Gaschak, J.A. Goryanaya, I. Chizhevsky, and R.J. Baker.  2003.  Exposure to chronic, low-dose rate gamma-radiation at Chornobyl does not induce point mutations in Big Blue mice.  Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 42:11-18.

L.R. Shugart, C.W. Theodorakis, A.M. Bickham and J.W. Bickham.  2002.  Genetic effects of contaminant exposure and potential impacts on animal populations.  Handbook of Ecotoxicology: Second Edition, chapter 41.

R.J. Baker, A.M. Bickham, M. Bondarkov, S. Gaschak, C.W. Matson, B.E. Rodgers, J.K. Wickliffe, and R.K. Chesser.  2001.  Consequences of Polluted Environments on Population Structure: The Bank Vole (Clethrionomys glareolus) at Chornobyl.  Ecotoxicology 10: 211-216.



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