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Center for Applied Polymer Science Research

16 Years of Undergraduate
UV-Polymerization Research in Houston

Students Involved with CAPSR


As of July 18, 2006, 65 students have worked in CAPSR in some capacity. Of these, 37 have now graduated: 16 with B.S. degrees in Industrial Chemistry, 7 with B.S. degrees in Chemistry, 3 with B.S. degrees in Microbiology, 1 with a degree in Biotechnology, 8 with Biological & Physical Science (BPS) degrees, 1 with a degree in Computer and Mathematical Sciences, and 1 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Dr. Christopher Matranga, one of the 16 Industrial Chemistry graduates, completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Chicago during Spring 2002. He is currently working with the Department of Energy in Pittsburgh, PA. Ms. Melanie Urdiales enrolled in graduate school in Chemistry at the University of Houston in the Fall of 2004.  Mr. Daniel Brenes will begin graduate school in Chemistry at Pennsylvania State University in the fall of 2005.  Ms. Vedangi Sample will begin graduate school in Biomedical Sciences at Johns Hopkins University in the fall of 2005.  Mr. Ekong Uffort, a Microbiology graduate, is now enrolled in Medical School at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.  Mr. Long Duong completed a second B.S. degree at UH-Downtown in Computer Science.



The Lab

Here are some of the students researchers that work with Dr Byron Christmas at CAPSR Laboratory.
Jennifer Carmichael
My name is Jennifer Carmichael, and I am a junior majoring in chemistry with an emphasis on biochemistry. My main focus in the lab is rheology, and this is my first semester working in the CAPSR lab with Dr Christmas.
Monica Villescas
I am a junior and my major is biochemistry. My current project is the analysis of polyester-based bio-oligomer films. This semester I will be comparing bio-oligomer films to those of the urethane oligomer from previous experiments.
Philip Ayazi
My name is Philip Ayazi and I am a junior a UHD. I am getting my degree in accounting but I will be going to pharmacy school afterwards. I am doing this research because I find polymer chemistry very interesting. What I do is to analyze final products in the lab.
Nameera Fatima Baig
My name is Nameera Fatima Baig and I have double major of chemistry and Biology I am currently a sophomore at the University of Houston-Downtown. This is my first semester working in Dr. Byron Christmas CAPSR program. I am working with incorporating few-walled nanotubes in polyurethane films and studding techniques for proper dispersal of nanotubes in polymer formulations.

No information is currently available for this student.


Below is a link to the student researchers that have participated in CAPSR from 1994 till the Spring of 2009.



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