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Department of Computer Science & Engineering Technology

Structural Analysis/Design - Program Objectives and Outcomes



The focus of the Structural Analysis and Design program is the application of computer technology, modern materials and construction techniques to the overall design of structures, including project planning, costs estimates and management of the project. As such the program will prepare graduates who have:

  1. A sound background in the analysis, design, testing and construction of civil structures (bridges, buildings, and communication towers);
  2. Are proficient in applying their knowledge (in mathematics, science and engineering) and standard tools, specially computer hardware and software to solve technical problems;
  3. Are all around individuals with strong social skill, able to work in team environments, competent in communication and information presentation, and possess a strong sense of professionalism and ethics; and
  4. Are productive from the first day in the work place and are committed to continuous improvement and lifelong learning.  


The graduates of Structural Analysis and Design will be able to:

  1. Perform standard analysis and design of structural systems following codes and modern practices.
  2. Determine deformations and stresses in structural systems under the action forces: gravity, wind, fire, earth pressure and flood.
  3. Apply basic technical concepts to identify, analyze and solve technical problems involving structural, geotechnical, and material behavior under forces and fire.
  4. Select appropriate engineering materials and practices.
  5. Employ productivity software to solve technical problems.
  6. Utilize modern surveying methods for land measurement and/or construction layout.
  7. Utilize graphic techniques to produce engineering documents.
  8. Conduct standardized field and laboratory testing on civil engineering materials.
  9. Estimate material quantities for technical projects.
  10. Plan and prepare design and construction documents, such as specifications, contracts, change orders, engineering drawings, and construction schedules.
  11. Perform economic analyses and cost estimates related to design, construction, operations and maintenance of systems in the civil technical specialties.
  12. Work effectively on teams.
  13.  Communicate effectively.
  14.  Engage in lifelong learning.
  15.  Understand professional, ethical and social responsibilities.
  16. Respect diversity and possess a knowledge of contemporary professional, societal and global issues; and
  17. Will be committed to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement.


The achievement of program outcomes will be measured by corresponding performance measurements. Program objectives and outcomes and performance measures are reviewed on an annual basis with input from program constituents.


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