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Department of Mathematics & Statistics


CMS faculty group picture



Ms Victoria Baker Ms. Victoria Baker, Lecturer
Room 744-South
Phone 713-221-2731

Dr Ronald Barnes Dr. Ronald Barnes, Professor
Room 706-South
Phone 713-221-8553

Ms Susan Beane Ms. Susan Beane, Lecturer
Room 730-South
Phone 713-221-7938

Dr Linda Becerra Dr. Linda Becerra, Professor
Room 707-South
Phone 713-221-8643
Dr. Linda Becerra

Ms Bonnie Blumberg Ms. Bonnie Blumberg, Lecturer
Room 729-South
Phone 713-221-8408

Dr Youn-Sha Chan Dr. Youn-Sha Chan, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair for Scheduling
Room 705-South
Phone 713-221-8414

Dr Ermelinda De La Vina Dr. Ermelinda Delaviña, Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Sciences and Technology
Room 723-North
Phone 713-226-5241

ms Sangeeta Gad Ms. Sangeeta Gad, Lecturer
Room 722-South
Phone 713-221-8432

Dr Volodymyr Hrynkiv Dr. Volodymyr Hrynkiv, Assistant Professor
Room 749-South
Phone 713-221-8070

Dr Katarina Jegdic Dr. Katarina Jegdic, Associate Professor
Room 726-South
Phone 713-221-8631

Dr Sergiy Koshkin Dr. Sergiy Koshkin, Assistant Professor
Room 762-South
Phone 713-226-5567

Mr Benny John Mr. Benny John, Lecturer
Room 763-South
Phone 713-221-8084

Dr Steve London Dr. Steve London, Professor
Room 715-South
Phone 713-221-8122

Ms Nakamura Mitsue Ms. Nakamura Mitsue, Lecturer
Room 732-South
Phone 713-221- 8556

Mr Vien Nguyen Mr. Vien Nguyen, Lecturer
Room 728-South
Phone 713-221-8435

Dr Kenneth Oberhoff Dr. Kenneth Oberhoff, Associate Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Engineering
Room 719-North
Phone 713-221-8549

Dr Ryan Pepper Dr. Ryan Pepper, Associate Professor
Room 725-South

Dr Timothy Redl Dr. Timothy Redl, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair for Freshman Programs
Room 705-South

Ms Anna Rosenthal Simmons Ms. Anna Rosenthal Simmons, Lecturer and Coordinator for the Center for Math and Statistics
Room 743-South

Dr Plamen Simeonov Dr. Plamen Simeonov, Associate Professor
Room 727-South

Ms Frankie Solomon Ms. Frankie Solomon, Lecturer
Room 731-South

Dr Edwin Tecarro Dr. Edwin Tecarro, Associate Professor
Room 716-South

Dr Jacek Turski Dr. Jacek Turski, Professor
Room 714-South

Dr Carol Vobach Dr. Carol Vobach, Associate Professor
Room 713-South

Dr Bill Waller Dr. Bill Waller, Professor and Associate Dean of University College
Room 603-South

Dr Shishen (Sam) Xie Dr. Shishen (Sam) Xie, Professor and Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Room 705-South

Dr Jeong-Mi Yoon Dr Jeong-Mi Yoon, Professor
Room 712-South

Dr Vasilis G. Zafiris Dr. Vasilis G Zafiris, Associate Professor
Room 709-South



Dr Nancy Leveille Dr. Nancy Leveille, Associate Professor
Room 719-South
713- 221-2723

Dr Rebecca Quander Dr. Rebecca Quander, Assistant Professor
Room 750-South



Dr Yunwei Cui Dr. Yunwei Cui, Assistant Professor
Room 764-South

Dr Erin Hodgess Dr. Erin Hodgess, Associate Professor
Room 718-South

Dr Kendra Mhoon Dr. Kendra, Mhoon, Assistant Professor
Room 751-South

Dr Carol Vobach Dr. Carol Vobach, Associate Professor
Room 7013-South

Ms Anna Rosenthal Simmons Ms. Anna Rosenthal Simmons, Lecturer and Coordinator for the Center for Math and Statistics
Room 732-South



  1.  Dr. Marion Alexander
  2. Mr. Mahmoud Basharat
  3. Dr. Carol Lea Campbell
  4. Mr. Samuel Chen
  5. Dr. Andre de Korvin
  6. Dr. John Dozier
  7. Ms. Gianghuong Dang
  8. Dr. William Echols
  9. Ms. Rosemarie Furnari
  10. Mr. Charles Gomez
  11. Dr. Gary Greer
  12. Mr. Jack Hatton, Jr.
  13. Mr. Donald Hayes
  14. Mr. Joe Idlebird
  15. Mr. Michael Judge
  16. Dr. John King
  17. Dr. Sujata Krishna
  18. Ms. Iride Lazo
  19. Dr. Robert Lea
  20. Mr. Tam Leduc
  21. Mr. Norman Scott Morris
  22. Ms. Katharine Muire
  23. Mr. Hossein Navid-Tabrizi
  24. Dr. Ha Nguyen
  25. Mr. Hien Nguyen
  26. Dr Arati Pati
  27. Dr. Frankie Patterson
  28. Dr. Jean Pemba
  29. Mr. Michael Porterfield
  30. Ali Ravandi
  31. Mr. Ashfaqur Rehman
  32. Ms. Diann Resnick
  33. Mr. Timor Sever
  34. Mr. Richard Smalley
  35. Ms. Catherine Stevens
  36. Dr. John Thomas
  37. Mr. Leonard Thomas
  38. Mr. Emmanuel Usen
  39. Dr. Eric Wildman
  40. Dr. Jing Yu
  41. Dr. Yaxin Zhu

Adjunct Faculty have their offices in room 613/615-South and can be reached at 713-221-8012.



Mr. Ghanem Mr. Ghanem Ghanem, Technical Support Specialist II
Room 747-South

Ms Linda Gilbert Ms. Linda Gilbert, Business Administrator
Room 705-South

Ms Nereida Nava-Torres Ms. Nereida Nava-Torres, Office Assistant
Room 705-South


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