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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

BA in Mathematics


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The Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics is designed to provide students with the foundation of a liberal arts education and a broad overview of mathematics and its applications. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and offers students a large choice of electives to pursue a well-rounded study in the humanities and fine arts, the physical, biological, and social sciences, as well as in mathematics.

This degree is especially suitable for students wanting to enter a professional field, such as secondary teacher certification, while acquiring a strong background in mathematics. Many organizations depend on quantitative reasoning and mathematical models to solve problems.

The mathematical component of this plan is designed to prepare students to develop and use analytical skills and problem-solving skills, to master mathematical techniques required in related fields of application, and to enter the employment market with relevant and proficient mathematical tools. This degree offers many features to enhance a student’s educational experience: the choice of an approved university minor; sustained development of writing and speaking proficiency; and extended general education requirements that permit more study of liberal arts disciplines.

The BA degree is especially appropriate for students who wish to combine an extensive study of mathematics with a second concentration in such fields as education, business, the natural sciences or social sciences, and it prepares students for various graduate or professional programs including mathematics education, medicine or law.

The degree requires a minimum of 120 semester credit hours. No grade of “D” in any course in the MS Department may be applied toward satisfying the requirements of any degree in the department. Any course substitution must be approved by the department chair. The format of the degree is given in six sections: General Education Requirements, Mathematical Sciences Requirements, Humanities Requirements, Minor, Electives, and Urban Education Component.




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