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Final Exam Review Information

Revised:   Summer 2003



  1. Attendance will be taken on a daily basis, starting with week 3 of long terms or day 4 of summer sessions. If a student misses the equivalent of more than 6 hours of class, the instructor will notify the CMS department office and the student will be automatically assigned a course grade of “F,” to be preprinted on the final grade sheet. Also, a “HOLD” will be placed on the student's academic record. The student must subsequently see an academic adviser to have the “HOLD” removed.

  3. A student may petition to be reinstated after being assigned an automatic “F” by submitting a Request for Reinstatement form together with documentation explaining his or her absences. This form can be obtained in the CMS department office in 705-S. This request must be delivered to the chair of the CMS department. The student must also notify the instructor and give him or her a copy of the petition. Both the student and the instructor will be notified of the final decision of the chair. The student should continue to come to class and participate in all activities (including quizzes and tests) until a decision is reached. If the student's request is denied, the student may continue attending class at the instructor's discretion, however, the student's final course grade of “F” cannot be altered.

  5. Students who are attending class regularly, but still not passing the course, are strongly encouraged to continue attending class and to participate in all activities (including quizzes/tests/final exam), as this will assist in preparing the student for the next semester. If the student makes this effort, a grade of “IP” will be assigned.

  7. A student who does not attempt the final exam will receive a grade of “F” for the course.



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