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Center for Computational Science and Advanced Distributed Simulation (C2SDS)

College Programs


  • Research Assistantship Students are given the opportunity to obtain experience in Advanced Distributed Simulation (ADS) research. ADS research involves 3-D modeling, behavior representation, advanced visualization, and communications. Students receive stipends while studying in a high-technology environment composed of a state-of-the-art computer laboratory.
  • Tutoring While UHD offers tutoring for freshmen courses, C2SDS offers free tutoring for upper-level mathematics and computer science courses. Tutors consist of college faculty and advanced college students. These sessions take place within computer classrooms, which also allows further utization of these rooms for open lab.
  • Scholars Academy Community College students and current UHD students are invited to apply for competitive scholarships of up to $5,000 per academic year to major in computer science, mathematics, engineering, or any area of natural science at UHD. Visit for additional information and applications. The Academy now serves over 100 recipients and expects to grow each year.
  • Peer Advising/Mentoring Scholars Academy recipients are provided with advising and mentoring by advanced college students whom are also scholarship recipients. The peer mentors are assigned 6-8 mentees within their same field of study. Peer mentors meet and communicate (via phone and email) with their meetees on a regular basis to advise, mentor, encourage, and to intercept problems (social and academic).
  • Faculty Advising/Mentoring Scholars Academy recipients and research assistants are provided with advising and mentoring by college faculty members. Mechanisms to ensure interaction with faculty advisors include required signatures for registration and midterm reports each semester.
  • Learning Center A Learning Center, established for use by UHD students enrolled in mathematics and computer science courses, offers open lab hours and tutoring sessions every week. The Center is equipped with 10 Pentium machines and a laser printer for student purposes.
  • Collaborative Learning Community Center The aim of the CLCC is to provide tutoring and mentoring for Scholars Academy recipients in mathematics and computer science. As students collaborate, younger students interact and learn from examples set forth by upper classmen. The CLCC is equipped with 15 Pentium machines, two laser printers, and working space for study sessions. Upper-level Scholars Academy recipients serve as tutors within the CLCC each week.
  • ADSRC Laboratory This is a state-of-the-art networked graphics environment (400 square-feet of newly renovated space with equipment obtained through both NSF and ARO funding) utilized by faculty and student researchers and as a classroom setting for CS and upper-level mathematics courses. The Lab consists of 20 Pentium 4 based machines running Linux and Windows 2000. In a separate lab, support is provided via specialized Pentium and Unix based machines, including access to an IBM SP/2 RISC6000 Multiprocessor that is available for research needs.


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