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Dr Richard Alo

Dr. Richard A. Aló, Principal  
Investigator Minority Serving  
Institutions CyberInfrastructure
Empowerment Coalition -     


MSI CIEC associated Universities

Center for Computational Science
and Advanced Distributed Simulation (C2SDS)

NSF - CyberInfrastructure - Teaching Education
Minority Serving Institutions - CyberInfrastructure Empowerment Coalition 1


Minority Serving Institutions - CyberInfrastructure
Empowerment Coalition

The Minority-Serving Institutions CyberInfrastructure Empowerment Coalition (MSI-CIEC) is a virtual organization that is working on accelerating the development of a CI-related science and engineering workforce, and broadening access, participation, and appreciation for CI and e-science, particularly among traditionally underrepresented minority populations.

This National Coalition is a joint effort of the organizations representing Minority Populations:

Another Project that aligns with MSI-CIEC is TeraGrid (TG), which is an open scientific discovery infrastructure combining leadership class resources at eleven partner sites to create an integrated, persistent computational resource.



Here are some useful CI Day Documents:


1. This Program, MSI-CIEC, is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No.


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