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Dr. Richard A. Aló, Co-Principal Investigator Computing Aliance for Hispanic Serving Institutions - CAHSI


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Deadline December 3rd 2010


Center for Computational Science
and Advanced Distributed Simulation (C2SDS)

NSF - Broadening Participation in Computing
Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI)1


The Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI) is a consortium of several universities and the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) that are committed to increasing the number of hispanics who earn baccalaureate and advanced degrees in computing.

By fostering a community that will share resources, establish research and curricular collaborations, and disseminate best practices, CAHSI will develop future Hispanic leaders while addressing the underrepresentation of Hispanics in Computing.

CAHSI's Project Goals:

  • To increase the number of Hispanic Students who enter the Computing Workforce with advanced degrees.
  • To support the retention and advancement of Hispanic faculty in Computing.
  • To develop and sustain competitive education and research programs at Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

CAHSI is bringing together industry, professional associations, (such as the Hispanic Association for Colleges and Universities HACU), and academic programs to promote awareness of funding and internship opportunities, CS program development and other efforts that address the underrepresentation of Hispanics in Computing.

CAHSI includes some of the leading producers of Hispanic science and engineering graduates: California State University Dominguez Hills, Florida International University, New Mexico State University, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, the University of Houston Downtown, the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, and the University of Texas at El Paso.

1. Funded through Grant # CNS-0540592

also funded by this grant:

Peer-Led Team Learning program (PLTL)

PLTL is a program that fosters undergraduate students' knowledge in math and science subjects. The program focuses on study groups led by peer students that have already coursed certain math or science subject and received a grade of B or better in it. Through this program, undergraduates learn how to effectively use group study and hence, improve their problem solving skills. PLTL also provides an active-learning environment for math and science students since it is peer students who are helping other students do better in their classes.

Computer Science Zero (CS0)

Computer Science Zero, or Introduction to Computer Science is a program that introduces the CS fundamentals to undergraduate freshmen. The main focus of this program is to make an impact on UHD freshmen and encourage them to major in Computer Science. The program also prepares computer science majors for the next course in the sequence of Computer Science classes. This program is implemented at the University of Houston-Downtown by Dr. Richard A. Aló and UHD Professor Dr. Ongard Sirisaengtaksin. Every semester, many CS majors benefit from this program, and many others that had not made their minds, decide to go into Computer Science because of this program.



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