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The purpose of this project is to identify best practices in recruitment, application, and instruction for preservice teachers seeking teaching certification and a masters’ degree. At an urban, minority-serving (HSI) institution of higher education with limited graduate programs, the SEEQUE project includes a plan to:

  1. Increase faculty involvement in the recruitment and application process;
  2. Support of first year teachers using e-mentoring by pedagogy and content-area professors
  3. Ensure structured mentoring by teacher mentors assigned to first-year teachers by school districts in cooperation with grant personnel;
  4. Enhance faculty capacity in Differentiated Instruction
  5. Offer coursework with a focus on evidence-based decision-making


Full- and part-time faculty will receive workshop training in Differentiated Instruction (DI), an approach used in K-12 education. These workshops will be conducted by a national expert in the field, but content-area applications of DI will be facilitated by 8 faculty leaders who have received intensive training in DI. The evaluation plan focuses on the effectiveness of these interventions to:

  1. Increase the number of secondary teachers with masters’ degrees
  2. Increase the effectiveness of first-year teachers of grades 8-12 learners
  3. Provide support and professional development for mentor teachers
  4. Disseminate project findings via conferences, publications, and websites.


The project’s significance emerges out of the efforts to address the high rate of attrition in the teaching profession and the problem of under-qualified high school teachers via strategies that include:

  1. Cooperation between pedagogy and content-area faculty
  2. Faculty engagement in the application for admission process
  3. E-mentoring via course management systems
  4. Support for preservice as well as inservice teachers
  5. A heavy emphasis on classroom-based research that supports evidence-based decision making
  6. Potential impact on faculty instructional practices in their own disciplines.




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