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How to get started:

1) Go to and click on "TEAL" to set up an account and obtain your TEA Identification Number

2) Go to to set up an account.

3) If the system will not accept your account, you will need to submit the TExES Registration Request Form prior to setting up your account.

Beginning August 31, 2014, the TExES #192 EC-6 Bilingual Generalist exam will no longer be offered. EC-6 Bilingual Generalist students will be required to pass the #191 EC-6 Generalist, #164 Bilingual Supplemental, #190 BTLPT, and #160 EC-12 PPR exams to be recommended for bilingual certification. The #192 EC-6 Bilingual Generalist TExES exam will be valid if certification requirements are met by August 15, 2015. The last day to recommend for certification will be October 30, 2015.
Beginning August 31, 2014, Passing Standards Change for EC-6 and 4-8 Generalist Exams TExES Exams #191 EC-6 Generalist and #111 4-8 Generalist passing standards will change. Candidates must receive a pass status in all domains to receive an overall pass status for the exam.
Beginning September 1, 2011, all PPR Exams will be EC-12 only. Tests #110 (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities 4-8), #130 (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities 8-12), and #194 (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-6) were offered for the last time August 31, 2011. They can be used in certification applications which are submitted and recommended by October 30, 2014, with certificate requirements completed by August 31, 2014.

Beginning September 1, 2011, there will be increased security at all Test Sites:

1) Candidates will have a photograph taken at the test site.

2) Candidates will be fingerprinted at the Test Site.

3) Candidates who do not agree to these security measures will not be allowed to test.

The information in both of these accounts must match or you will not be able to register for a TExES exam. It is your responsibility to keep this information updated. A current photo ID with correct name and information (matching your SBEC and ETS account information) will be required at the testing site.

Upon successful completion of PD I: Eligible for EC-12 PPR Exam
Upon successful completion of Block II or PD II: Eligible for Content Exam in your certification area

When you are ready to test:

Fill out a TExES Registration Request Form (allow two weeks for processing)

  • You may only register for the exam you are electronically approved to take in your certification area
  • You may take only one TExES exam on each test administration date

Once you have been electronically "Approved" for the TExES exam you have requested, you will receive an email from L. Hill stating your approval status and the procedure for registering for the exam. (Remember to check your Gator-mail address). After you receive the approval email, please do the following:

1) Go to to register for a TExES exam (Computer or Written exam).

2) You will be prompted to choose a city and testing location:

  • If the testing location you choose is full, the test date will not appear
  • Try another testing location (Houston, Sugarland, Richmond, Baytown, Region IV)

3) You will pay online for the exam (credit card only)

4) Print a receipt and admission ticket for the day of the exam

TExES/ExCET Exams Administration Dates

Please read the following information carefully!

You may register to take ONE test per date. You may only register to take a test in the area indicated on your degree plan or post-bac plan. Registering for the incorrect test will result in an extra charge and may delay your registration process. Questions or comments, call (713) 222-5349.

Last updated or reviewed on 6/27/14

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