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Mission Statement

The Criminal Justice Training Center provides training and educational opportunities outside of the academic curriculum. The programming offered by the Training Center includes programs in basic peace officer training, various continuing education courses, and review courses for state licensing for Texas peace officers.

Basic Peace Officer Training Academy

The Basic Peace Officer Training Academy is designed to provide the student with preparatory training in the law enforcement profession for certification as a basic peace officer in the State of Texas. The academy is dedicated to training excellence through its rigorous coursework which is then followed-up with practical application exercises. To find more information on the peace officer training academy, please click on the links available to the left and below.

Continuing Education

The training division offers a variety of continuing education classes for criminal justice professionals. The topics and schedule of these classes changes regularly. Please consult the Quarterly Calendar page for an updated list of current course offerings. Although most courses are offered at the Downtown campus, with advanced notice courses can be delivered at a special agency. All of the courses offered as continuing education are TCLOSE approved unless otherwise noted.

Director, Criminal Justice Training Center

Rex White
Commerce Building, C.112


Ernest Nicely
Assistant Coordinator
Commerce Building, C.112

Linda Davidson
Administrative Assistant
Commerce Building, C.112

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Last updated or reviewed on 3/7/14

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