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Core Courses


CJ 6310

Issues in Criminal Justice

An analysis of the current issues facing the criminal justice system.

CJ 6320

Research Design and Methods

Includes the scientific method, basic social science research design and execution, and evaluation of contemporary research in criminal justice. Topics covered include the logic of causal order, the logic of inference, sampling theory, qualitative and quantitative research design, data collection, and model specification. Prepares students to critically appraise reported research, and to design and conduct independent research projects.

CJ 6321

Quantitative Analysis in Criminal Justice

The use of descriptive and inferential statistics and computer applications as used in criminal justice research.

CJ 6330

Advanced Criminology

History of criminological thought, etiology of criminal behavior, and analysis and evaluation of contemporary criminological theories.

CJ 6340

Administration in Criminal Justice

Surveys the relationship between worker productivity and personnel/management policies in criminal justice organizations. Examines the workplace application of theories of learning, personality, cognitive processes, group dynamics and communications.

CJ 6350

Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation

Examines theories and methods of policy analysis and program evaluation with suggested applications to agencies within juvenile and criminal justice systems. Identifies the complex effects of policy change as well as techniques for developing a continuous capacity for program assessment in these agencies. Discusses forces that generate new policies and processes for their implementation and evaluation. Students assess existing models and are encouraged to develop their own applications for measuring the impact of new directions in the system.

Elective Courses


CJ 6311

Legal Liabilities in Criminal Justice

An examination of legal liabilities facing criminal justice management in their relations with human resources/personnel, their clients/offenders, and the public.

CJ 6312

Law and Society

An inquiry into selected current legal issues such as gun control legislation, asset forfeiture law, the prison reform legislation act, domestic violence legislation, sex offender legislation, death penalty legislation, etc.

CJ 6313

Issues in Corrections

Examines current issues in institutional and community corrections with emphasis on comparisons of control versus rehabilitation strategies, lack of strategic planning and public policy development.

CJ 6314

Issues in Law Enforcement

This course will focus on the long term, intractable problems in policing, particularly in urban areas. Endemic issues that affect the limits and potential of mainstream policing will be examined including an analysis of emerging critical issues and a critical assessment of the philosophy and politics of community policing.

CJ 6325

Issues in Juvenile Justice

Seminar in issues confronting the juvenile justice system and juvenile offenders, with an emphasis on the history, philosophy, and role of the juvenile court.

CJ 6333

Violence in America

A survey of violence in past and present American society with an emphasis on theoretical perspectives and possible future trends.

CJ 6342

Correctional Programming

Examines the development, management and assessment of the various types of non-security programs within correctional settings. Facilitates the understanding of dynamics of rehabilitation of offenders, as well as the group dynamics of institutions designed to work with delinquent populations.

CJ 6360

Special Topics

Seminar for advanced students offered in response to student request and faculty interest. May be repeated for additional credit when course content differs. Sample topics include the death penalty, family violence and disputes, hate crimes, inmate social organization, prison gangs, etc.

CJ 6370

Independent Studies

Intensive study of a subject, which the student cannot normally pursue in a regularly scheduled course. Supervised independent or group studies for advanced students. May be repeated for additional credit with faculty approval. 

Thesis Courses

CJ 6390

Thesis I

Prerequisite: Completion of course work. 
This course represents a student’s initial thesis enrollment. No credit is awarded until the student has completed the thesis.

CJ 6391

Thesis II

Prerequisite: Completion of Thesis I. 
This course represents a student’s continuing enrollment. The student continues to re-enroll in this course until the topic is approved by the thesis committee.

Project Option


CJ 6301

Criminal Justice Project

Prerequisite: Completion of core courses, 30 hours of coursework, and consent of Graduate Coordinator.
Under the direction of a faculty project advisor and guided by a project committee, the student will design a project to address a criminal justice agency problem or criminal justice system issue. Project requirements include a written document. Students continuously enroll until the final project is approved by the project committee.

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