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UHD Social Work Accreditation Bachelor of Social Work is accredited by Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
Bachelor of Social Work


Admission to the Social Work Program is a competitive process. Requirements for acceptance into the program are:

The BSW Admissions Committee, comprised of UHD social work faculty, will review applications and determine each applicant's admission status.

Bachelor of Social Work's Application Flowchart

Student Applies & is admitted to UHD
Student reviews BSW major requirements and fills out Application Form
Student submits application and reference forms.
Bachelor of Social Work Admissions Committee reviews application pool, decides admission status. Notifications sent to applicants
Notifications sent to applicants.
Admitted Applicants enter program & UHD system updates. Student records to reflect Social Work Major within 4 – 6 weeks
If, after four to six weeks, records for student accepted into program do not show Social Work Major, student contact Social Work program advisor for assistance

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Application Deadline

Committee members must review all applications must be reviewed by all. Application deadlines:

Fall semester

Last day to submit applications is May 15th. Any application received after May 15 may not be processed until mid-August

Spring semester

Last day to submit applications is November 1st. Any application received after November 1st may not be processed until mid-January

Declaration of Major

Students cannot independently declare a major in Social Work. Once students receive admission into the Social Program program, the UHD system automatically codes those students as Social Work majors. This process can take up 4 to 6 weeks after program acceptance and enrollment in UHD courses. Students who receive program admission but whose major is not reflected in their records after four to six weeks should notify the Social Work Program Director, Stephen Wernet, Ph.D., at (

Students with a conditional admission or who are denied admission and have evidence or information that may influence the Admissions Committee's decision may request a hearing to appeal the decision. Requests for a hearing must be made in writing and postmarked within 20 days from the date of the admission's status letter. Within 20 days of the receipt of the student's request for a hearing, a hearing date will be set by the Hearing Committee. The Hearing Committee will be comprised of the Social Work faculty and one outside faculty member appointed by the Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice.

The student will meet with the Hearing Committee to present the necessary information. The Hearing Committee will issue a decision in writing within one week of the hearing. If the student has evidence that the Hearing Committee has made its decision in violation of the program's policies, the student may appeal the Hearing Committee's decision in the following sequence:

Last updated or reviewed on 2/25/15

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