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UHD Social Work Accreditation Bachelor of Social Work is accredited by Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
Bachelor of Social Work


Students who are transferring to UHD should apply to the BSW program as well as apply to the university. The process and information for transfer students to apply to the social work program is as follows:

1) Student applies to the University. Please refer to this page for instructions.

2) When accepted into the university, student applies to the BSW program. Please refer to Application Instructions.

3) Once admitted to the university, the student is advised by an advisor in the Academic Advising Center in University College. The advisor will assist the student in determining the courses in which to enroll. The BSW program suggests the student request to enroll in social work courses that are open to non-majors and that serve as prerequisites for other Social Work courses. (Depending upon the semester they are entering, the following are suggested: SOCW 2361, SOCW 2363, SOCW 3361, and SOCW 3362). However, to enroll in 3000 or 4000-level courses, students will need to contact the social work office. Students who experience difficulty in enrolling in these courses should contact The BSW Program Director, Dr. Stephen Wernet, at

Last updated or reviewed on 2/25/15

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