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The following page contains a form for UHD faculty to request either a WRC orientation or peer tutor review in class. This page is part of the Writing - Reading Center, University of Houston - Downtown.

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Owl cartoon graphic pointing to a say that says to use the form on this page to schedule a WRC orientation or a peer tutor review in class

Please complete this form for each section of your class for which you are requesting a Writing & Reading Center orientation or peer tutor review. All fields are required.

Faculty Name:


E-mail Address:

Campus Phone:

Other Phone:

Contact me by...


Course Number and Name:

Classroom Location:

Number of Students:

When would you like us to provide the orientation or peer tutor review?


Start Time:

End Time:

If a tutor is not available at that date and time, what is your second choice?


Start Time:

End Time:

If there is a class assignment you'd like us to focus on, please describe the assignment and provide sample topics.

To send attachments, please e-mail

We ask that instructors attend the orientation consultation with their classes.

Thank you for requesting a Writing & Reading Center orientation or peer tutor review!
You will be contacted to confirm your reservation.

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Last updated or reviewed on 8/21/13

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