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This page is about the WRC, what it is and the hours of operation as well as student policies.

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A student & faculty resource to improve: writing, reading comprehension, and study skills

The WRC - Mission Statement

The University of Houston-Downtown Writing and  Reading Center (WRC) tutors dedicate ourselves to helping those who seek to become better readers and writers, critical thinkers, and communicators in all written work across the curriculum. Through face to face tutoring, the Writing and  Reading Center provides a positive learning environment.

UHD Main Building:
Room 925 North

Policies for Student Use:
You are responsible for the direction and the content of tutoring consultations.

Tutors will not edit papers for you but will teach you to become a better editor of your own work.

Grading policies and specific grades will not be discussed. Tutors will not speculate on potential grades.

Unless approved by your instructor, tutors do not assist with take-home tests or homework.

Instructors will not be notified of your WRC consultations.

Unless you notify us, your appointment may be forfeited if you are more than five minutes late.

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