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Photograph of Dr. Jason CaroJason Caro, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Political Science
Office: N-1048



Jason Caro is a native Texan and first graduated from the University of Texas system. Concerns over the politics of hunger led to the study of the African Horn at UCLA where he completed his Masters degree. Jason continued his studies at the University of Chicago completing his Masters thesis on the correlation between guerrilla victory in Africa and democratization. Jason returned to UCLA to complete his doctorate in political science. His book, The Origins of Free Peoples is in print from Continuum International Publishing. He has addressed pressing political questions in outlets ranging from Political Theory and Political Studies to Philosophy and Social Criticism. Along the way, Jason has worked as an educator in community colleges and refined standardized tests for school districts around the country. Jason’s research interests center upon political theory,including the pragmatics of liberty, Continental and postmodern thought, and is completing a book about revitalizing civility. Jason also oversees blogs that provide forecasts or serve as a public information source on political ethics.


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