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Philosophy majors study the history of Western thought and the foundational ideas behind all institutions and thinking belonging to Western society and beyond. The Philosophy program at UHD emphasizes both the study of major figures and movements in the history of philosophy as well as the application of philosophical ideas to social and political problems, including questions about the meaning of life. Philosophy not only broadens a student’s horizon of knowledge, but above all develops the capacity for critical thinking, analysis, the art of persuasive writing and reading skills. UHD Philosophy majors are prepared to go on to graduate school in philosophy, as well as to engage in advanced study of law, and a variety of other disciplines.

Philosophy Faculty

Sharin Elkholy
(713) 221-8693

Jeffrey Jackson

(713) 221-2793

Andrew Pavelich

(713) 221-8094

Joseph Westfall

(713) 221-2768


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