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This is the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree page in the Social Sciences department at the University of Houston-Downtown.

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B.A in Philosophy at UHD

Philosophy majors study the history of Western thought and the fundamental theories and institutions of Western society and beyond. Beyond the study of major influencers and movements, The Philosophy program at UHD emphasizes the application of philosophies to address social and political issues.

About the Program

Graduates who earn a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy will have the ability to offer detailed examination of texts, conceptualize and execute research projects, and communicate effectively. These and other competencies will be developed through the study of such topics as:

  • • Moral Issues, Personal & Professional
  • • Logic
  • • Sports Ethics
  • • Power and Political Philosophy
  • • Philosophy of Race or Gender
  • • Film and Philosophy


The study of philosophy develops a student’s capacity for critical thinking, data analysis, and persuasion. These and related abilities, like innovation and problem solving, are attractive to employers. Philosophy graduates secure jobs in varied sectors, including:

  • • Law
  • • Social and Community Services
  • • Higher Education
  • • Government
  • Religion and Ministry
  • Medical
  • Journalism and Publishing
  • Suggested Minors

    • • History - 18 Hours Minimum
    • • Professional Writing - 18 Hours Minimum
    • • Quantitative Methods in Research - 18 Hours Minimum

    Degree Coordinator
    Andrew Pavelich
    (713) 221-8094

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