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Master of Arts in Non-Profit Management (MANPM)

Graduate Degree Requirements

The degree requires a minimum of 36 semester hours. All students complete 18 hours of core classes and 12 hours of electives. All students will also participate in an internship project. Students will complete a 6-hour internship which will include capstone assignments.

Minimum Grade Point Average
Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Grades of C or lower do not count toward graduation, and two course grades of C or lower are cause for dismissal from the program.

Students may transfer no more than six semester hours of graduate work and must have the approval of the Graduate Coordinator to do so; transferred coursework must be at B level or above.

  Core Classes (18 hours)



POLS 6310 Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations* 3
BUS 6331 Strategic Planning in Non-Profit Sector* 3
POLS 6311 Program Assessment and Evaluation 3
POLS 6312 Resourcing the Non-Profit Organization 3
BUS 6332 Management of Non-Profit Organization 3
BUS 6336 or BUS 6314 Budgeting and Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations



  Elective Courses (12 hours) SCH
ENG 6312 Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Communication 3
ENG 6323 Communications and Technology 3
ENGĀ  6325 Grant Writing for Non-Profit Organizations 3
BUS 6333 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 3
POLS 6314 Leadership Trends / Topics in the Non-Profit Sector 3
POLS 6313 Governance of the Volunteer Board and Organizational Behavior 3
ENG 6303 Public Relations and Media 3
SOS 6310 Volunteers in the Non-Profit Sector 3


  Internship (6 hours)  
POLS 6680 Internship 6

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Degree Coordinator
David Branham, Ph.D.
Room: N-1077

Samantha Coats, student in MA NPM

"Participating in the Masters of Nonprofit Management Program has helped me develop the specific knowledge and leadership skills I needed to better my community through the nonprofit sector. I am excited about how this program has benefited my career and my community!" - Samantha Coats, MA NPM student,
class of 2015

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