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Organization Name

UHD Arts & Humanties Department - Strive Program

Room: N-1081, UHD Main Building

Organization Description
The STRIVE program serves faculty by contacting students who are in course jeopardy. We are similar to UHD’s “Early Alert” program but differ in these significant respects as we:

STRIVE is an acronym that represents an answer to the question, “What is it that you do?” The answer: “We Simply Take Referrals and Instill Vital Enthusiasm.”

Description of Program
STRIVE receives referrals from faculty members regarding students who, usually due to absence or poor grades or both, are in course jeopardy. Utilizing student intern/assistants for the most part, we endeavor to make personal interaction by phone, text or email to Gator or even personal accounts. We endeavor to discuss relevant issues in a non-directive manner and encourage students to pursue success. Whenever possible (and with expressed permission from students) we report results back to referring faculty. Indeed, very often our primary effort is to encourage students to contact instructors as soon as possible to determine how to get back on track.

Importantly, hours of intern service are highly flexible as faculty referrals tend to come in “bursts” and must be processed as immediately as possible. Aside from the contacts with pending majors (obviously of no great urgency), interns must be available for times of peak need but also recognize that there will be relative “down” times of little activity. Experience has shown that interns do put in at least the minimum 120 hours of total service and usually more, but do so on irregular schedules in their own time and from their own phones and computers (at least after initial training from me). We have found that evenings and weekends (yes, including Sundays) often to be fruitful times to reach students. There is no direct interaction with referred students on a personal basis; everything is mediated via technology.

Record of all contacts must be kept in Excel and periodically sent Bill Pogue.

Criteria for Interns
We do not serve as formal counselors -- but as listeners, encouragers and reporters.
Clarity and adaptability of communication skills (both written and oral) are necessary, and each intern/assistant should have a phone that can be used to call students (who increasingly have non-“local” phone numbers) without restrictive time limits.

Until now, participating interns in STRIVE have been Communication Studies or Interdisciplinary majors – all of whom have been trained by me in interviewing or other courses. I can readily envision that at least certain Psychology students would have high aptitude for this program as well. There is no age minimum but considerable maturity and self-discipline are obviously needed. No background check or other screening is done.

Contact Name

Bill Pogue, Lecturer in Communication Studies, UHD /
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