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Organization Name
Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults, TRIAD Program

6425 Chimney Rock Road
Houston, TX

Organization Description
TRIAD Prevention Program is a consortium of three county agencies working together to coordinate their resources to serve youth at-risk. The three public agencies are Child Protective Services, Juvenile Probation Department, and Mental Health/Mental Retardation Authority. TRIAD's Goal is to change children at risk into youth of promise.

Description of Internship
Several Internships available:

1) Community Youth Development: Observe & participate in a community-based grant funding process; Provide support for community steering committees at meetings; Assist with community youth steering committee activities; Assist with the reading and scoring of grant applications; Maintain monthly activity records; Assist as liaison to grant funded programs.

2) Intake Program: Receive youths (10-16) from law enforcement picked up for status offenses, class C misdemeanors and public services; as well as walk-ins; Provide intervention and short-term crisis counseling to at risk youths and their families; Conduct follow-up sessions with families and assist families with alternative placement (both long and short term); Presentation to various groups of juveniles waiting release to parents; facilitate discussion of topic presented. Complete pre and post test with youth, complete client satisfaction forms; Make appropriate referrals to community service agencies to families experiencing conflict.

3) Truancy Learning Camp: Assist with small group sessions for camp participants; Assist with therapeutic group activities for camp participants; Educate families on the law regarding mandatory school attendance, underage drinking, and substance abuse in a small group setting; Plan/conduct small group sessions for camp participants; Plan/facilitate therapeutic group activities for camp participants; Administer follow-up phone surveys to program participants; Assist program coordinator in obtaining provisions for program.

Criteria for Interns
Open to all social science majors.
Application process and criminal background check required.

Contact Name
Debra Andrews 
(713) 394-4026


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