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Organization Name
Monarch School

The Monarch School
2815 Rosefield Dr.
Houston, TX 77080

Organization Description

The Monarch School is dedicated to providing an innovative, therapeutic education for children with neurological differences.

Description of Internship
We have a variety of options available for interns. In the educational setting we have classroom direct hands-on opportunities. Developing relationships with students, designing behavioral and cognitive objectives for their progress, setting up data tracking systems, developing learning objectives, implementing developmentally appropriate learning activities with students, all can be a part of the school setting. Additionally, there are Saturday hours available in the Monarch diagnostic clinic, assisting in: administering evaluations with licensed psychologists, conducting social groups, parent programs, etc. Also, there are summer opportunities in our 5 week summer camp.

Criteria for Interns
Sincere interest in working and being with children.
Preferred majors: psychology, social work, education, special education.

Contact Name
Debrah Hall, M.Ed.
Program Director Apprentice Campus

Contact Number

(713) 479-0800
(713) 464-7499 fax


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