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This is the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree page in the Social Sciences department at the University of Houston-Downtown.

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Bachelor of Arts in History

The Bachelor of Arts in History at University of Houston-Downtown develops skills in writing, research, problem-solving and cultural sensitivity which prepare them for post-graduate study as well as professional success.

About the Program

The B.A. in History at UHD is a Major Opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the political, social, and commercial history of the United States and the world. Your coursework will be comprised of 120 credit hours and consist of such courses as:

  • Ethnic Minorities in American History
  • History of Mexico
  • The Vietnam War
  • 20th Century Russia
  • Middle Eastern History
  • Latin American History
  • Historical Methods
  • History of Religion


The study of history teaches a student critical thinking, detailed analysis, and effective communication. As a result, a bachelor’s degree in history from UHD could lead to careers in:

  • • Federal intelligence agencies
  • • Museums, parks, and historic sites
  • • Political campaigns and advocacy groups
  • • Research institutions
  • • Libraries
  • • National and local news networks
  • • Schools and universities
  • Suggested Minors

    • • Gender Studies - 18 Hours Minimum
    • • Ethnic Studies - 18 Hours Minimum
    • • Religious Studies - 18 Hours Minimum
    • • Professional Writing - 18 Hours Minimum

    History Degree Coordinator
    Case, Theresa, Ph.D.

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