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B.A. in History

Why Major In History?

The program in history leading to a B.A degree prepares students for diverse career options. Because the study of history involves analytical reading and writing papers on historical subjects, careers that call for critical reasoning and the ability to communicate ideas are well suited for history majors.

Acquired Skills

  • Analytical Reading and Writing skills
  • Critical Analysis
  • Research skills
  • Communication skills

Career Paths

Analytic and critical analysis skills learned in the degree program can translate to jobs such as policy advisors, researchers for museums, archives management or museum curatorship. While writing and researching skills learned will aid you in any job, you can consider careers in editing, journalism, archives management, museum curatorship and information management.

Many history majors go to find careers in education teaching at elementary school, high school, college and universities. Other history majors apply for graduate school in history, law, political science, economics, and anthropology. A history degree provides broad intellectual training for careers in business, education and public history.

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Degree Requirements for B.A. in History

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in History requires a minimum of 120 hours, with 33 hours in history courses. For degree completion, at least 25% of the semester credit hours must be earned through instruction offered by UHD. The last 30 of the total hours in the degree and 18 of the upper-level hours in the major must be successfully completed in residence at UHD. An overall minimum grade point average of 2.0 at UH-Downtown is required for graduation, and a minimum average of 2.0 must be maintained in the upper-level requirements in the major. Please see the course catalog for a complete listing of requirements and courses.

History Degree Coordinator
Case, Theresa, Ph.D.

History Degree Worksheet

UHD Course Catalog

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