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Master of Science in Technical Communication

Our Faculty

Roundtree, A., PhD

MSTC Degree Coordinator

S-1049 713.222.5315

Agboka, G., PhD

S-1065 713.223.7920

Birchak, C., PhD

S-655 713.221.8013

Chiaviello, A., PhD

S-1030 713.221.8520

Duncan, M. PhD

S-1042 713.222.5371

Hill, J., PhD

S-1038 713.226.5575

Jarrett, R., PhD

N-1042 713.221.8191

Jennings, A., PhD

S-1029 713.221.8453

Matveeva, N. PhD

S-1036 713.222.5371

Moosally, M., PhD

S-1037 713.221.8254

Ogle, R., PhD

S-1052 713.222.5361

Sample, Joseph, PhD

S-1040 713.222.5574



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