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Merrilee Cunningham

Associate Professor of English
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1978

Teaching and Research Interests:
Shakespeare, World Mythology, Renaissance Drama, Studies in Poetry, Survey of World Literature I and II, Composition

Selected Publications:
"Learning Villages Network and its Computer Components," Merrilee Cunningham, Ruth Robbins, Deborah Buell, Pp. 287-299; Handbook of Instructional Systems and Technology, Terry T. Kidd and Holim Song, editors, IGI Global, 2007.

"Contingency Hybridization and The Teaching and Learning Center," Pp. 1-11, On-line Archives of the Center for Distance Education. Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Distance Education Conference, January 21, 22, 23, 34, 2004. Pp. 1-6 with Drs. Deborah Buell, Erin Hodgess, and Ruth Robbins.

"Distance Education Contingency Planning: Hybridization in Disaster Recovery," The Journal of Information Technology Impact, Vol 3, #2, December 2003, Pp. 1-9.with Drs. Deborah Buell, Erin Hodgess, and Ruth Robbins.

"Working Class Realities and Embourgeoisement Perceptions: Generation and Gender Perceptions of Class in America" Proceedings of the Conference of Working Class Academics, held May, 2001, Houston, Texas.

"The Humanities: Democratic or Elitist," published in Humanities Education, Spring, 1986, a Publication of the National Association of the Humanities, University of Minnesota, Duluth.

"The Interpolated Tale in Book I of The Faerie Queene," South Central Review: The Journal of the South Central Modern Language Association, Vol. 43, no. 4 (Winter, 1983). Pp. 99 - 104.

"Teaching Shakespeare in an Open Door Institution," Published Proceedings of the Canadian Council of College Teachers of English, Winter 1982, Published in From Seed to Harvest, Kathleen Whale and Trevar Gambull, eds., CCTE Monographs and Special Publications. 1983. Pp.82 - 87.

"The Epic Narrator in Milton's Paradise Regained." Renaissance and Reformation, Toronto, Spring, 1978, Pp. 215-229.

"Teaching Shakespeare and Writing Literary Criticism in an Open Admissions University." Eric, Spring 1979.


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