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CHSS Winter Trip

December 29, 2012-January 9, 2013

Taiwan Trip Student Stories

Celebrate New Year’s in the Republic of China and earn UHD course credits!

The CHSS New Year’s in Taiwan Program provides exciting learning opportunities by combining UHD courses with travel and study abroad in Taiwan, the Republic of China. Two courses are being offered, so students can select the one that best suits their interests.

The classes are:

  • English 3309 Introduction to Creative Writing—The Art of Travel
  • English 3340/Humanities 3310: Orientalism and the Western Encounter with China

The classes meet for one evening class session each week during fall semester, with the kinds of reading and other assignments found in regular courses. In December, after the final exams but before the spring semester begins, both classes travel together to Taiwan, the Republic of China. Students will spend 7 nights in Taipei and travel by high-speed rail to Tainan to spend another 3 nights.

City of Taipei

About the Republic of China

The old name of Taiwan, Formosa, comes from the Portuguese Ilha Formosa for “beautiful Island.” Taiwan is a sovereign state in East Asia with a democratically-elected government. Taipei is the capital, and New Taipei is the largest city with a population of almost 4 million people. Taipei and Houston are sister cities. Taiwan has about 23 million people and is one of the so-called Four Asian Tigers because of its highly developed economy. Taiwan has the largest collection of imperial Chinese artifacts in the world at the National Palace Museum in Taipei and arguably also has the best Chinese food in the world. Yum!

Map of China

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