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CHSS Winter Trip

UHD students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences traveled to Taipei and Tainan, Taiwan from Dec. 29, 2012 through Jan. 9, 2013. Read about their adventures as they explore night markets, temples, monuments, museums and karaoke bars, writing about it all as they go. Experience their joy as they gather among hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese to welcome in the New Year with fireworks under a full moon in the amazing city of Taipei. Follow them day by day as they travel the country, meeting students from the National University of Tainan, sharing with them and with others the pleasure of cultural exchange.

Jan. 2, 2013

Janny Phung – UHD at the Confucius Temple in Taipei

small blue arrow UHD at the Confucius Temple in Taipei Video

Sandra Tapia - Imagine Yourself in Taiwan

The early warm shiny sun
the view of the airplanes from the upper blue skies
the adorable melancholy of the birds
the fragrance of the flowers and green plants
photo of building the fresh air blowing my hair from one way to the other
the clean gray cement with few reflections of trees
the dragon figures were too far to touch and see
the color red to indicate good luck
the wide doors to express welcome and love from their gods
the red lanterns decorating the entire place
the tourists people observing with WOW looks on their face
the tourist guide speaking of the history unstoppable
the professors listening with such interest
the Taiwanese people laying down praying for their petitions to be heard
the smoke occasionally made tourists cough
the flashes of the cameras will make me dizzy
the sculptures were amazing
the pictures unbelievable
the restrooms were hard to find
the group gathering complicated to accomplish
the day really shiny
the afternoon never ended
the night very lit
Temples, temples will remain in my memories every time I hear TAIWAN!

Eduardo Melendres – A Scene from a Martial Arts Movie Photo of UHD student with muscian
After a crazy night of fun with my classmates, I was in no mood to do anything. Luckily, Anthony with his strong will woke Leroy and me up in time for us to get on the bus to go to the Confucius Temple and the Lin An Tai House. When we arrived at the Confucius Temple my brain seemed to kick start. The temple entrance was astounding! I felt like the picture I saw on the internet did not properly capture the temple’s essence. Walking inside the temple grounds, I felt like I was in a Chinese martial arts movie. I could feel the history that inhabited the building as I walked around.

The Bao An Taoist Temple had its own surreal feeling once inside. It was interesting to see people really bowing and praying in front of a figure. Seeing with my own eyes people leaving food or gifts to be blessed was more than real. I almost felt weird being there just to take pictures and observe people praying. Our tour guide was kind enough to explain the whole process of how people must pray and find out whether one’s prayer would come true, including how to enter and exit the temple.

UHD in front of a building

Top of building with statues and a dragon

photo of a temple


photo of temple on a lush green mountainside

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