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Center for Critical Race Studies

Houston : Co-Op

Dr. DoVeann Fulton Speaks to the OBA "The series of events, performances and think tanks taking place in Houston over a 15 months period will continue in the spirit of participatory actions, involving the diverse demographic communities in our city. The objective will be to create a platform for sharing cross-cultural viewpoints that can then be compared with the outcomes in our partner cities of Paris and New York and archived as a body of knowledge for use by generations to come." Visit the OBA site.

Dr. Fulton Speaks to Local News About The Center for Critical Race Studies

Still image of Fox 26 interview of Dr. DoVeanna Fulton, Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean DoVeanna Fulton, seated left, spoke on Houston television about the recently established Center for Critical Race Studies at UHD. She explained that the program is designed to prepare and to encourage our students and the community to apply critical thinking skills to the study of how race shapes our society, marginalizes groups, and promotes social discrimination. Visit the local news site for the interview.

Sponsored Events

Serie McDougal's book cover "Research Methods in Africana Studies"Serie McDougal III, “Research in Africana Studies: ‘Speak to the People, before you Speak for the People.’

This presentation will explore the historical approaches and current barriers to conducting valid life affirming and emancipatory research on people of African descent. This presentation will also look at some important factors that will contribute to the creation of more valid research on people of African descent. Special attention will be given to the approaches to explaining the lives of people of African descent in the discipline of Africana Studies. Dr. Serie McDougal is a co-founder of

April 15, 2014: Center Seminar on "Alligator Horses"
The Center for Critical Race Studies hosted a seminar to discuss Provost Hugetz's recently released film, "Alligator Horses." Co-produced with Rice University's Brian Huberman, "Alligator Horses" describes the 1830s as a liminal period, in which notions of equality, race, and power took shape within the American mind. The participants discussed the role of African American voices in history; the intersectionality between race, class, and gender; and the role of remembering and mourning as a means for promoting healthy race relations.

Discussion of film "Alligator Horses"

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