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This page is a listing of upcoming gallery exhibtions and shows at the O'Kane Gallery at the University of Houston - Downtown.

Upcoming Exhibitions Spring 2015

Annell Livingston Paintings

February 12 – March 17, 2015

Annell Livingston is a native Houstonian who has lived in New Mexico since 1994. Her work has evolved from contemplation on living in urban and then rural environments, to include a more sensory, perceptual works. Livingston uses gouache, a paint similar to an opaque watercolor, to create highly technical works based on grids with remarkable gradations of hue and contrast that result in abstract patterns. The effect is at once mathematical and reassuring in its consistency; and yet, the compositions are otherworldly in the illusion of movement within the paintings.

Livingston writes:
"It is the idea behind the work that dictates the image…based on the observable phenomenon in nature of changing light and color. These works parallel nature but do not directly reflect it. The work is hard edge and I choose the medium of gouache for its’ inherent flatness and its’ intense color."

"My experience of the world (memory, or thought) is not as a whole, but in fragments, which are part revealed, part concealed."

Las Sor Juanas de Tejas: Santa Barraza, Tina Fuentes, Kathy Vargas, and Delilah Montoya

March 26 through April 23, 2015
Exhibit held jointly at two Houston locations:
MECA (Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts)
O’Kane Gallery, University of Houston-Downtown

This exhibition, jointly curated and exhibited at MECA and O’Kane Gallery at UHD, highlights four Texas artists: Santa Barraza, Tina Fuentes, Kathy Vargas, and Delilah Montoya. The exhibition is inspired by the life of the 17th century Mexican poet, Sor Juana Inez de al Cruz. Sor Juana’s struggles to obtain education as a woman present early instances of discrimination that would become a part of political change in the 20th century. The exhibition brings together four artists who have embodied and reflected on the life of Sor Juana through their own artistic achievements and professional paths.

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