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Drama - Annual Trip

Each year in May a drama trip is planned to a city of theatrical importance. The trip alternates between three cities: New York, London and Athens. Trip participation is open to all UHD students, faculty and staff and their family and friends. (The university and trip sponsors assume no responsibility whatsoever for anyone on these trips.)

All costs for these trips are assumed by the individuals participating. Students who apply for and receive a theatre scholarship may apply their monies toward the trip if they so choose.

The itinerary for these trips includes such activities as visits to historical sites, play attendances, museum visits, in-country tours, shopping excursions, national memorial visitations, watching sporting events, sightseeing tours and the like. Please note that no one is required to do any the of the planned activities. All itinerary participation is voluntary.

Photograph of ancient Greek ampithitheater


For further information, contact Dr. Lyttle in 1057-S, or call (713) 221-8118.


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