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At UHD, Theatre is a part of the Department of Arts and Humanities, along with Art, Communication Studies, Foreign Languages, Humanities, and Music. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BAFA) degree allows students to emphasize theatre as their primary focus of study while also taking courses in the related fine arts areas of art and music. A student may also choose to minor in theatre. The curriculum is taught by both full-time and part-time faculty.

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Basically, the theatre program seeks to introduce students to live theatre and instill in them an understanding of and appreciation for this dramatic art form. It is designed to focus on and emphasize the development and education of the student, both on-stage and backstage.

As a faculty, we realize that not everyone who takes a theatre course wants to become a professional actor or theatre technician. For those who do, we work to build a broad and strong foundation. For those who do not, we work to produce future theatre patrons. We also firmly believe that the study of theatre can be beneficial to any person in any profession. For this reason, we welcome everyone into our courses and activities.

Activities available to a student include: the presentation of major productions in O'Kane Theatre each fall and spring semester; periodic student-directed One-Acts; in-house theatre work parties; attendance at local productions; and theatre trips to New York City, London, England and Athens, Greece. Each academic year, a schedule of production and activities is available.

Three different theatre scholarships are available to students who qualify. Each is awarded on a semester basis.

For more information contact:
Dr. Thomas J. Lyttle
(713) 221-8118

Important Dates:

  • blue arrow April 20, 2013: Drama Awards banquet, 7 p.m. in the UHD Special Events Room, third floor of main building.


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